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Textured Ombre

Thus trend is the perfect way to introduce some pops of color to your wedding without going overboard or looking too cheesy. Take your ombre cake to the next level by incorporating different textures and layers. The ruffles are the perfect addition for eye-catching detail and texture.

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Pink-colored ombre cake with rosette swirls
Photo: Jen Disney Photography; Cake design by Beverly's Bakery


Create the illusion of beautiful blooms on your cake like this "blushing rose." The rose swirls and color gradient makes this tasty creation one of our favorites!

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White traditional cake with cascading rainbow ombre flowers
Photo: Pony Lovin; Event design by All You Need Is Love Events

Vibrant Ombre

Incorporate a vibrant ombre color scheme with cascading flowers. When paired with a traditional white cake, it's the perfect balance.

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Oceanside cake with soft, watercolor strokes that reflect the water and sun
Photo: Wendy Laurel Photography; Event design by Unveiled Hawaii

Watercolor Touch

The watercolor technique is the prettiest way to achieve that soft, ombre look. The delicate hues of blue and orange to match the scenery, make this cake swoon-worthy.

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Color & Chic

This traditional cake is next level with its chic ombre. If you're looking to achieve a classic look while incorporating your colorful scheme, this is the way to do it.

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Patterned Design

Spice up your traditional cake with a fun, colorful design. The vibrant ombre pattern makes this even more festive!

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Three-tiered teal ombre buttercream cake
Photo: Roland David; Event design by Rothweiler Event Design

Buttercream Layers

A luscious, buttercream topped cake like this gorgeous teal one is almost too pretty to eat with its perfect ombre color scheme. This is ombre done tastefully (literally!).

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Sea Inspired

For an oceanside wedding, the ombre effect is the perfect way to replicate the beautiful scenery. Top it with pretty pink roses and you got yourself a simple and stunning cake.

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Airbrush Gradient

Another technique for creating this trendy look is an airbrush gradient. This looks especially good for more vibrant colors as it softens up the style a bit without losing any of its statement-making qualities.