1. Isn't this bouquet just stunning?! The color palette is gorgeous: summery and full of cheer.

2. I think bunting is best when incorporated into small details (rows and rows of it can look overwhelming). The scale of this banner for the sweethearts' table is perfect, and the font simple.

3. Although they can get lost on darker suits, delicate, twine-wrapped boutonnieres pair wonderfully with gray.

4. Instead of a traditional guest book, encourage your guests to leave you their best marriage advice in homemade notebooks. If you want, you can even label each notebook with a specific topic or question.

5. These brilliant place cards mimic chalkboard style without all of that pesky chalk dust!

6. Who wouldn't want to dance in these chic and cozy slippers? I've seen a lot of baskets of flip flops at weddings lately, but these slippers are extra amazing!

7. With long tables it can be hard to pick just the right centerpieces. This wedding nailed it. The arrangements make a beautiful impression without taking over the table, or making it difficult to have a conversation with the person across from you.

8. I love that this centerpiece skillfully combines so many elements without seeming chaotic or cluttered. And it has succulents. And those are always worth a bonus point of two!