Champagne chilled in an ice bucket illuminated by blue light.

Dress Up Bare Branches

If you live in a cold climate during the frigid winter months then there are countless ways to make your indoor decor eco-chic and oh so stylish! Live in a warm climate? Then re-create your outdoor celebration with winter inspired designs!

Sprigs of holly and fluffy faux snow are tried and true winter wedding accents, but you might not want to get stuck in a holiday rut with seasonal green, white, and red colors. Here are some unique and classic ideas to create your own winter wonderland!

Cold weather means very little growth so seasonal flowers are a rarity unless they are grown inside. Instead of forcing bulbs you can take branches from the stark outdoors and dress them up in vases with crystal teardrops dangling from the branches.

Instead of buying new crystals you can find them in antique stores or in your grandma's old costume jewelry collection. This minimalist approach to table decor saves money and gas emissions from shipping and transporting flowers.

Winter wonderland centerpieces and silver and ivory candy station.

Walkin' in a Winter CandyLand

Candy stations provide a smorgasbord of sweet treats at weddings. Usually displayed in glass containers of different shapes and sizes the candies can be taken home with guests or the bride and groom can take whatever is left over. Candies stay fresher longer than cakes or cookies so there is less waste.

The bride and groom can bring their own glass dishes to fill with candies and reuse them once the wedding is over. No plastic containers will be thrown out at the end of the night! Instead of a multi-colored candy station, keep it chic and simple with white or silver candies for a classic, clean and polished look reminiscent of snowflakes and sparkly tinsel.

Create an Igloo Blue Effect

Turn your reception after party into an ice blue igloo. Up lighting is a great way to illuminate your frosty white cake and candy station!

You can also add Blue Curacao to your champagne flutes and they will glow an icy blue against the lighting.

Ice sculptures are eco-friendly if they have been hand carved without using an electric saw. They will look great as table decor and the up lighting will really make them shine. Bright lights are not needed here: conserve energy, turn the lights down low and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.