The couple embrace each other in front of a brick wall.

Maybe it's my upcoming trip to Disneyland, or maybe it's all the episodes of "Once Upon a Time" I've been watching, but lately I have been obsessed with fairy tales. Which is why I was so delighted when Sarah Kathleen sent me this fun Beauty and the Beast inspiration shoot. This edgy session features offbeat interpretations of details from the classic story and movie. And the whole thing is set at an abandoned asylum. These photos are the perfect fairy tale blend of macabre creepiness and lush romance.

Wedding invitations inspired by the Beauty and the Beast.
The bride poses in her yellow dress and blue shoes, holding her bouquet.
The bride sits with a large book along with several others and a bouquet by a brick wall.
The bride poses, revealing a medium sized tattoo on her shoulder.
The couple hold hands with each other as they stand in front of a brick wall.
The bride wears a yellow dress, blue accessories and shoes and the groom wears a shirt and dark jeans.
The couple walk together and hold hands on a path by an open field.
The bride wraps her arms around the groom's neck as they embrace each other.
The couple embrace and touch foreheads as they sit together in a field of grass.
The bride and groom embrace each other in an open field.
The bride and groom sit together in a field of grass as the bride holds her bouquet.
The bride lifts her lacy, vintage wedding gown to reveal blue wedding shoes.
Colorful wedding bouquet of multi-colored flowers and blue wrapping.
The bride holds her wedding bouquet of white, red, blue and green flowers.
A bouquet of white, blue, red and green flowers resting alongside a brick wall.
Vintage table setting, including blue napkins, cups and glasses and a chalkboard menu.
Vintage blue cups, glasses and accessories on a table.
A classic, whimsical wedding cake adorned with gold trim and floral accents.
Blue, white and green flowers resting inside of a small cup alongside vintage teapots and lights.
A rose and thorns resting in a glass case on top of a vintage table.
Colorful vintage books, cups and candles alongside floral centerpieces.
Vintage place setting, including white plates, colorful cups and a chalkboard menu.
Wedding reception decor, including vintage tea cups and books and a chalkboard menu.
Colorful vintage home accessories, including a wooden clock and several books.
The couple pose with each other in front of the asylum.
The bride and groom embrace, revealing a small tattoo on the bride's back.
The couple embrace each other in front of the large castle.


Photographer: Sarah Kathleen Photography

Styling: Ever After Artistry

Flowers: FluidBloom Designs

Cake: The Cakery

Rentals: Taylor Rentals

Venue: Sunny Acres Asylum, San Luis Obispo, CA

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