Chinese weddings are elegant, beautiful and very colorful, often using the colors red and gold. In the Chinese culture, red symbolizes luck, happiness and joy which every bride wants on her wedding day. The Chinese calendar marks 2013 as the year of the snake: a symbol of prosperity and happiness. Take inspiration from the year of the snake and create a beautiful Chinese wedding with these eco-friendly tips.

Chinese inspired lanterns are a great way to light up your reception without using a lot of energy. Lanterns are a traditional Chinese custom and are a symbol of hope and good wishes, ideal for a wedding reception. They are remarkably tranquil, perfect for relaxing under the summer skies or mingling over drinks and dinner during your wedding reception.


This Chinese inspired cake is embellished with the traditional Chinese colors, red and gold. It is intricately designed with animals and natural scenes to embrace the Chinese culture of appreciating nature and the peacefulness it brings. The crane is featured on the cake. Due to its long life span, this majestic bird symbolizes longevity. It's the perfect symbol for a lifetime of happiness!

When choosing décor to adorn your cake, look for edible options such as sugar or fondant. If you can find a crane made from recycled paper, wood or glass, even better! Keep the crane in your home as a keepsake long after the first slice of cake is eaten.

For your bouquet, match the red and gold with soft pinks, corals, muted reds and white flowers.


This beautiful wedding gown is inspired by Chinese traditions of elaborate beading and vibrant red and gold. In the Chinese culture intricate designs of flowers and objects found in nature are extremely popular. These symbols bring the bride luck and good fortune on her special day. This gown is a unique alternative to the classic white gown that has become a ritual for so many brides.

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