A city wedding is glamorous and chic; couples who are planning one can draw inspiration from gooey streetlights, beautifully-dressed boutique windows, or sparkling velvet midnights to establish their wedding colors. The key is to choose a palette that is traditional yet exciting. A city romance with the subtle undertones of a lifelong commitment can easily be captured in classic colors combined with an element of sweet surprise. From navy and hot pink to turquoise and coral, here are some city-scape colors that are just as fresh as they are fundamental.

Navy and Hot Pink: An Elizabethan-Meets-Millennium Affair

The classic combination of navy, black, and white is beautiful all on its own. However, if you want your city escape to be just as fun as it is fabulous, hot pink can infuse that playful spin into your evening. Look to have the bridal bouquet be a sunburst of pink with nothing but peonies and a lone-peacock feather for drama. For the bridesmaids, couple their navy dresses with a pop of pink hydrangeas.

Bring in tons of crisp white linens and blue silk tablecloths. Have table settings be a mixture of pink peonies and hydrangeas with tall navy blue candelabras. Use pink damask as a seating card and table number detail. For added flair, invest in some hot pink accent lights to set those over-head ballroom chandeliers ablaze.

This color palette says volumes about classic beauty, so the band should be something traditional like Big Band or jazz to represent the navy blue. However, lighten the mood with a little R&B or Top 100 for that shock of hot pink ear candy. This color combination is perfect for the couple who is blending two different types of worlds. The man who comes from table napkins and the racquet club meets the girl who climbed her way up the social ladder to land a job in the big city. Perfect hot pink and navy harmony.

The Absence of Color: A Colorless City Soiree

Quite commonly, city weddings have so much going on. Beautiful buildings, ornate architectural details, ballroom tin ceilings, and over-sized chandeliers are just a few of the bigger-than-life elements happening. With so much beauty taking place in the venue itself, many brides find themselves at a loss for color schemes. The good news? Having a city wedding is the one place that you may not need a traditional color palette at all. Choosing espresso and cream, black and white, or even white-white on cream-white- is all you need to let the cityscape do the shining.

Instead, of focusing on color focus on different textures, have centerpieces be crystal candelabras. Have the tables be purposely overloaded with burning candles in frosted glass votives. Look for black roses and white chrysanthemums. Silver details like ribbons over chairs with small white-flowered wreaths or shiny silver goblets instead of glass ones can create a glass castle evening. Instead of colors to create the mood, let the venue speak volumes.

Turquoise and Coral: Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

Perfect for cities like Miami or for multi-cultural unions, this color palette puts the fun in function. The bright pop of coral met with the equally loud turquoise leaves any city venue bursting with life and vivaciousness. Look to make a bridal bouquet from antique broaches that are heavily jeweled with splashes of each hue.

Have bridesmaids wear headbands with a flower detail and carry coral colored parasols instead of bouquets. This color palette can be as minimal or as maximized as you want. For a city wedding, it is perfectly kosher to be loud, proud, and in love.

Photo Credit: Turn Loose the Art