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Monochromatic Dresses

Whether with crisp cotton or flowing organza, a monochromatic bridal party in white is a powerful statement. This isn't an entirely new trend. All-white bridesmaid dresses have been fashionable throughout history.

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white wedding bouquet with anemones
Photo: Krystle Akin

Creamy Bouquet

An all-white wedding bouquet can be so beautiful, particularly when you add different flowers into the mix. Some white flowers have just a hint of yellow, whereas others seem slightly blush. When they all come together, it can emphasize all the unique textures and hues.

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Dapper Boutonnieres

Similarly, a simple white bloom can really pop against a suit jacket lapel. If you want the groom to stand out, have him wear a different white flower than the groomsmen (good choices include roses, anemones, tulips, and ranunculus).

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all white wedding backdrop
Photo: Vanessa Valez

Dreamy Ceremony

As you exchange your vows, you want all eyes focused on the two of you. A dreamy, all-white backdrop lends a romantic mood to your nuptials and also allows you two to be front and center.

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Draped Ceiling

Especially when you are trying to fill a really big space, such as a high tent or an industrial loft, draped ceilings can be a terrific way to transform the room. It will instantly warm up the venue, giving it a cozy intimacy.

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Peaceful Place Setting

For your all-white wedding, use a light gray as the color for the font on your paper goods. Black can overpower, but a light gray will blend right in with its surroundings, giving your details a peaceful and neutral vibe.

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Textured Backdrop

This paper flower backdrop is nothing short of amazing. If you are using a statement detail like this in all-white, make sure to also consider your lighting. Depending on how you utliize your lighting, it can seemingly turn your all-white decor into another hue.

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couple with white geronimo balloon with fringe
Photo: Jesi Haack

Impactful Details

Whenever you go monochromatic (whether white or any other color), texture is critical to giving your party a polished, professional look. We love the fringe with this geronimo balloon as a modern detail at an all-white wedding reception.

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Simple Beauty

Don't get us wrong, sometimes there is nothing more fun than a technicolor wedding cake. However, simply decorated cakes in streamlined designs can be just as cool. This vanilla buttercream cake is a fantastic choice for an all-white reception.

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DIY white marquee light sign
Photo: Her Tool Belt

Sweet Message

Say it in lights with a giant marquee lighting sign. This DIY project is easier to make than you might think, and requires only basic power tools and easy-to-find supplies.