Okay, I'm just going to say it: I don't like Pantone's choice of Radiant Orchid. As much as I love a purple, I think there are so many more shades that are more universally flattering and appealing than this one. Maybe you feel the same way. Or maybe you pledge allegiance to any and all shades. Either way, here is a round-up of purple wedding details that show you how you can add a pop of purple in just the right places.


These centerpieces show how you can layer different shades of purple for a dynamic effect.


Purple, especially in bright or deep shades, can be a bold statement color.  A lit bit can go a long way.  The pattern on this purple invitation is vintage and fun without being too overpowering.


I'm a fan of several good shades of purple for bridesmaid dresses that will look good on everyone. From creamy lavenders with the right amount of gray to the deepest of eggplants, this color palette can work for everyone if you choose wisely.


Especially for menswear, purple can be a little tricky. This grape sweater (above) works well because of the unique, but muted, shade and the pairing with a navy bow tie.  If you want your groomsmen to rock purple ties, you can use cool patterns, such as a madras print (below) or a lavender with either a fair amount of gray or ecru in it, so that it reads as a neutral.


Ombre can also be a nice way to showcase your purple hue!

Credits: Purple Board//Large Centerpiece//Small Centerpieces//Invitation//Bridesmaids//Sweater//Madras Ties//Lavender Tie//Wedding Cake