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nude nail color with navy half moons
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From the Tips of Your Fingers...

Bored with the basic French manicure that most brides tend to get before the big day? But is a full navy polish too much? Add some navy accents to a neutral nail and everyone will love the results.

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...Right Down to Your Toes

The best navy wedding idea for a bride's outfit targets those pretty toes. That's right, navy pumps are not only extremely classy, they add a pop of color and that coveted "something blue."

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A full navy bouquet might be a little...dark for a wedding bouquet. But mixing blues with other jewel tones or limiting the navy to certain parts of the flower leaves you with a stunning result.

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Your Navy Lady (or Ladies)

The best way to make a bride stand out from her bridal party is to dress the bridesmaids in a dark contrasting color. Like navy, maybe?

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Place Cards

Simple, elegant, yet totally trendy, these navy and gold place cards are the epitome of a modern wedding. Perfect for a special starry night, let these cards guide the way for your guests.

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The Backdrop to the Main Event

Considering the popularity of the minimalist trend right now, some couples might be nervous about their backdrop being anything but white. However, navy is a great background color as it gives nice contrast to a lot of bright colors and looks especially good with metallic accents.

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Signature Cocktails

Don't limit your navy wedding ideas to d├ęcor and attire. Broaden your mind and apply your color scheme to your food and beverage choices as well. A blueberry-flavored signature cocktail would certainly be nice...

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That Beautiful Tablescape

Bring out the navy candlesticks and start dreaming up a beautiful tablescape. Just be careful to not overwhelm it with navy. Keep it simple and elegant with some details and touches, like napkins or menus, leaving the rest to a lighter shade.

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Subtle Color

These old books are a beautiful way to incorporate navy into a themed centerpiece. Start combing through the vintage stores as soon as possible so that you can make every table at your reception as beautiful as this one.

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Navy Tastes Good

Say goodbye to the white buttercream cake of the past and welcome the bold and intense shades that fondant allows you to apply to modern desserts. Whether you decide on a full navy cake or just some darker details, remember that the only limit is your imagination.

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Rock Solid Wedding

Looking for a color-themed favor option? Rock candy is not only delicious, it elevates the concept and makes it an elegant and beautiful memento for your guests.