Does your sweetie need a little (loving) help in the gift-buying department? Has it been red roses and chocolates for the last five years, every year (not that they aren't lovely)? We get it. And if you wanted to forward him the link to this article, we wouldn't judge. Here are a few things from Etsy that we think every gal needs on Valentine's Day. For example, I don't even play video games, but this "You can be my player 2" poster is so freaking adorable that I would totally hang it in my home.


This sweet quote from "Friends" still makes me sigh a little.


I think I love this plate because it reminds me a little of those Sweethearts candies.


I want these earrings so bad that I may just have to buy them myself.


For the girl who loves home decor, these felted hearts are a whimsical touch.


Something about this change purse is just so deliciously '80s retro. Love it!


Not someone who loves things sweet and pink? Prefer farmers' markets to boutiques? This tote will help with schlepping organic produce while still looking cool.