While Valentine's Day is an excellent excuse to buy gifts for your loved ones, I am sure your favorite peeps would appreciate any of these presents year-round.


I love these mugs featuring a couple of twitterpated astronauts! Seriously cute. Buy these for the amateur astronomer in your life.


This little heart change purse is just what you need for quick trips to the coffeehouse and grocery store.


This contemporary wall hanging would bring modern romance into any room.


I have featured this ring bowl/ring bearer plate before. I still love it.


This keychain is perfect for long distance love. The engraved keychain features a latitude and longitude directing the recipient to one place. Maybe it's your home or where you had your first date or where you plan on getting married, but wherever it is, it holds significance between the two of you.


Love this, adore this. And this print comes in other cool color combos, too.


This card is just plain silly. I don't love anyone more than grilled cheese.


Whether you are with somebody or not, telling your single friends that you love them is one of the best things you can do today. It will also help you remember all those Valentine's Days spent alone and to appreciate your sweetie, even when he leaves his socks on the floor and refuses to signal in traffic.