Rumor has it that it's spring outside. I caught a glimpse of it a few weeks ago when I spent the weekend in Washington D.C. and the cherry blossoms were just starting to open - but this week, in Colorado, we're having snow instead of flowers.

This makes me exceptionally sad for several reasons, not the least of which being that all this snow is eating into one of my favorite wedding seasons! The pretty pastels, the bright spring flowers, the soft green of grass that has finally managed to re-appear...maybe even more than summer, spring is the perfect season for seizing the day and busting out the colors in your ceremony and reception.

Suggestions for a Spring Wedding

Can't you see it now? Bouquets and centerpieces made up of elegant displays of peonies and ranunculus (swoon), or maybe even the clean lines and bright colors of tulips, vibrantly frosted cupcakes, garden ceremonies...the sky is the limit. Recently I saw a wedding that took advantage of the colorful season by incorporating mix-and-match patterns in both bright and soft colors on everything from the groom's bow tie to the cake, tableware and bouquet.

You Don't Have to Use Pastels

But keep in mind that just because it is spring that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to cover everything in pastels or floral arrangements. Yes, they're there and you can put them to good use if you want, but there are ways around that "traditional" spring wedding decor, too. An unexpected color scheme or non-floral centerpiece arrangement can just as easily fit into the season - and your wedding theme. It's still your party, and you can decorate it and bring it to life exactly how you want to!

Are you planning, or having, a spring wedding? In what ways did you embrace the season? And how did you make your special day your own? Do tell!

Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes