One reader recently told me that I don't publish enough "geek stuff." Keep in mind as a child, I was far more into watching "Jem and the Holograms" than playing with Go-Bots or besting my friends at "Zelda." Side note:I tried "Zelda" once. I wandered around that level one garden for a few minutes and gave up. Without a map and a protein bar, I was doomed to fail.

So, for this inspiration board I thought it prudent to stick to the basics: video games, comic books, and Star Wars/Trek. Also, "Grey's Anatomy" last week mentioned something about a "tardis," so I looked that up too, and tah-dah, the geek wedding inspiration board was born! So, for all you fanboys and girls out there, what did I miss?

All of these lovelies came from Etsy! Credits (clockwise from top left):

"Star Wars" Cake Toppers

"Tetris" Poster

"Harry Potter" Cufflinks

Something Blue "Doctor Who" Poster

Comic Book Garland