wedding rings on Nintendos

Geek weddings are pretty amazing things.  You know that expression about letting your freak flag fly?  Well, I say that if you and your honey are pure fanboy/fangirl, why not fly your own "geek" flag on your wedding day?  In the interest of full disclosure, I do feel that I should mention that my interests don't run in the typically "geek" direction.  I'm not even entirely sure what some of these things are.  But I know what it is to love something deeply.  My flags just happen to be of the Jane Austen/"Downton Abbey"/crafts-obsessed persuasion.  And what I admire about geek weddings is their ability to be completely unique and beautiful and authentic to the couple everyone came to celebrate.  Here are some details that I hope will inspire your geektastic event.

Super Mario and Princess Peach cake topper

Oh, Super Mario.  And his lovely Princess Peach.  Of course, with my video game ineptitude, poor Peachy stayed locked in that dungeon forever.  But I bet that you totally freed her.  Celebrate that old school victory with these sweet wooden toppers (above).

I was blown away by these pixelated creations inspired by Minecraft (below).

Minecraft wedding details

And of course, if you are marrying a gamer, you knew that he truly loved you the moment he handed over a control and asked you to play (below).

Nintendo wedding print
Harry Potter wedding invitation

Harry Potter makes for a pretty darn magical wedding, right?  And with so many books and movies, there is a lot of inspiration to pull from.  These invitations (above) make it clear that one expects their guests to attend (it's a proclamation, after all).  And I'm sorry, but this hollowed-out book that you could use as a ring pillow, is downright enchanting (below).

Harry Potter wedding pillow
Harry Potter page confetti

Use confetti to decorate your welcome table, or include a few book page bits in your wedding invite.  And don't forget Harry's spectacles when you start planning a little photo booth fun!


I think it's safe to say that comic book heroes have made a pretty triumphant return to pop culture.  Just like with Harry, let your guests release their own inner hero in the photo booth (above).


Looking for a way to get your non-fangirl bridesmaids to embrace the comic theme?  This mani (above, left) is absolutely fantastic, and would go great with a LBD.  Colorful comics confetti would be a terrific alternative to petals as your flower girl walks down the aisle.  And yes, every dynamic duo needs a set of champagne flutes to match.

comic-themed champagne flutes
Doctor Who cufflinks

I can't front. I know nothing about "Doctor Who".  I know there's a really long scarf and a blue phone booth, and that's about it.  But these cufflinks are great in a subtle detail kind of way.  And I am a huge fan of this custom-made stamp (below). Add it to the front of your invitation envelopes or to Kraft paper placemats.

Doctor Who stamp
Game of Thrones wedding venue

"Game of Thrones" seems to have a lot of violence when it comes to weddings, so skip the bloodshed and embrace the set decor. This couple (above) gathered all the best elements from the show and translated them in a really elegant way.

Star Wars wedding details

I'd have to live in a cave to not know who Han and Leia are.  And these decor details are so upscale and pretty.  No glowing lightsabers and Chewbacca costumes here (but again, if that's your thing, you do you).

Star Wars silhouette cake toppers

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