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You're Invited

Minimalist doesn't mean that it has to be black and white. Check out this wonderful invitation suite that has so much going for it: vintage print accents, an off-white background, and dark red print in a trendy font.

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Paint It Red

There's something so classic about a rosy-lipped bride. Whether it is a matte vintage red or a dark burgundy, you can't go wrong with a red lipstick on your wedding day. Paint your nails with a similar shade and you'll make a tasteful statement.

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Shoes Make the Outfit

Red shoes are a vibrant way to add pop of color to your wedding day ensemble. However, if you want to keep your footwear white, no one said your soles have to be neutral...

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Groom Style

OK, we admit that a crimson suit might be a bit too much. However, the groom has a lot of options for a red wedding. From a red tie or bow tie, to a pocket square, a vest, or even socks, there are plenty of accessories that the groom can use to show that he's on board with the wedding theme.

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Lady in Red

Could this be you? Do you have the courage to jilt the white dress tradition for a bright red number? Whether or not this choice is for you, we know that you can't help but admire this amazing look.

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Rosy Red

Flowers are a wedding d├ęcor foundation, so choosing the right ones for your bouquet is essential. This bride decided that red was her color and the florist used this preference along with what was available and in season to fashion together not just a stunning bouquet, but a flower crown as well.

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The Perfect Setup

Dress up your altar with a beautiful arch draped in red velvet. It gives a regal look that would perfectly suit a formal red wedding in the winter.

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A Sweet Getaway

The perfect getaway for a red wedding: a scarlet convertible! Now you're on the fast track to happiness and no one can stop you.

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convertible long red bridesmaid dresses
Photo: Plum & Oak

Bridesmaids in Red

If you are worried that a bright red hue for the bridesmaid dresses might take away from your immaculate white, choose a darker shade. Burgundy and maroon have been very popular in the last few seasons, so finding a dress style that suits all your ladies should be easy-peasy.

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Sweet Red Treats

This lovely, woodsy wedding cake hits the nail on the head if you're thinking of a wintry red wedding. The dark red roses, pine cones, and spruce branches look wild but romantic. Very Beauty & the Beast, right?

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evergreen garland wedding tbale runner red roses
Photo: JoPhoto

Floral Table Runner

Instead of overloading on the linen rentals, opt instead for a floral table runner. This evergreen garland studded with red roses makes us gasp with delight.

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Center of Attention

Crimson is also a great contrast hue to weddings with a lot of black and white. The great news is that don't need too much of it to make a stylish statement.