If you love spending time in your garden and you are also planning a spring or summer wedding, chances are you have considered using flowers, veggies and herbs for your wedding straight from your garden! Rest assured with these tips that your guests will enjoy organic veggies, fruits and herbs, and your bridesmaids will carry vibrant pesticide free flowers! Here are 5 simple ways to green your garden.

Buy Recycled Gardening Tools or Reuse Household Items for Planting
Save yogurt containers, jam jars and even takeout containers to house plants in. You can also buy gardening planters and other tools that are made from recycled materials.

Make Compost from Leftover Kitchen Scraps

You can use many scraps in your fridge to enrich your soil. Composting stimulates healthy root development and also increases water retention.
You can use vegetable and fruit waste, egg shells, meal leftovers, coffee grounds, tea bags, stale bread, and other grains.

Collect Rainwater!

Capture chlorine and mineral free rainwater for watering your lawn and garden. You will notice a marked decrease in water costs and a decrease in rainwater runoff. Place a screen on top to keep out birds, debris and insects!

Adding mulch and compost to your soil will retain water and cut down evaporation. If you are using a hose, soaker hoses or drip irrigation only use 50 percent of the water used by sprinklers. Remember to water early in the day so you can avoid evaporation and winds.

Attract Butterflies and Bees!

We are in the midst of a major bee loss epidemic. These natural pollinators affect 35 percent of the world's crop production--and increase the output of 87 of the leading food crops worldwide.

Plant a variety of native flowers that they are particularly attracted to. Extending a little hometown hospitality to our bee friends could go a long way.

Plant Native Species

Already adapted to local conditions, native plants are easy to grow and maintain, generally requiring less fertilizer and water, as well as less effort to rein in pests.