Setting the Scene

Take advantage of the warm weather and get married outside at a local beach, lake, vineyard, or garden! Nature's stunning backdrop will create an ambience that sets the perfect scene for summer nuptials. This also cuts down on the need to transport flowers or decor to the venue. Once the sun sets, light soy candles and bask in the great outdoors.

Flower Power

With summer comes beautiful flowers blooming into a range of bright colors that are sure to pop on your wedding day. Get flowers from your local organic florist to ensure that they are pesticide and chemical free. Or nix the flower centerpieces altogether and opt for a colorful vase full of fruits instead! One way to save money but not skimp on style is to group oranges, limes, apples, or lemons in a glass vase; not only are they in season but they can also be given out as an unexpected sustainable and tasty favor for your guests as they leave.

Sweet Fun

Be seasonal and creative with a fruit infused water bar during cocktail hour to quench your guests thirst during the hot summer days.

Another equally tasty alternative would be a s'mores buffet bar.

For a summer treat, look into renting a local ice cream truck for your reception that runs on low energy burning fuel. Your guests can feast on ice cream while staying cool at the same time.

Eclectic Eco-Favors!

For a unique touch fill personalized mason jars with honey or jam from your local farmers market to pass out as favors. Collect empty seashells, driftwood or sea-glass from the seashore, tie a place card on with some sustainable raffia, then let guests take them as favors to enjoy and display in their home.