Summer is the most popular season for weddings, and with long sunny days, warm nights and picturesque sunsets, it is the perfect time of year to celebrate in the great outdoors. Whether you plan to have your wedding on a beach, in a meadow, or on a classy urban rooftop, there are a limitless ways to make your summer wedding stand out.

Think Seasonal:

The summer season offers an abundance of local and seasonal options from flowers to produce. Green your flowers by buying them from a local florist to ensure they are pesticide and chemical-free. Classic wedding flowers such as roses, mums, and lilies are all in season during the summer months. Consider having your wedding in a park or botanical garden where the natural greenery is in full bloom. This way, you do not have to transport or pay for flowers or decorations at your venue.


When choosing summery décor, try not to limit yourself to floral arrangements. Get creative with seashells and local fresh fruits and vegetables. Mason jars filled with locally made jams and glass bowls filled fresh fruit makes for a colorful table topper and tasty treat.


With warmer weather, a simple dress will not only be more appropriate for an outdoor wedding, but also less expensive, more comfortable, and better for the environment. Try to find a dress made from natural materials like linen, hemp silk or cotton. Save some money and shopping time by going barefoot on your wedding day. You wont have to worry about wearing tall uncomfortable heels, while you let your toes dig into the sand or graze across the grass.


As a thoughtful take away favor, give guests seashells collected from the beach. Summer weddings are a perfect time for gardening, so small potted flowers would also make charming favors that can be planted in anyone's garden after the ceremony. Gift baskets filled with green comfort items for summer including non-toxic sun block, eco-friendly flip flops, and a vegetable based bar or soap will help get your guests off to a green summer!

Photo: Ellie Grover Photography