Lately we've been talking about finding two of the most important details in your wedding planning: the venue and the dress. But one thing we haven't discussed yet is how much one can influence the other. For example, if you want your wedding on the beach, chances are you don't envision yourself rocking a trumpet gown and stilettos (and if you do, I need you to take your sexiest heels and go walk on the nearest beach while picturing yourself weeble wobbling all the way to the altar). When selecting your wedding dress, don't forget to focus your attention on not just what dress is the prettiest of them all, but also which one fits best into your wedding vision.


How Your Venue Can Influence Your Dress Selection

Where your wedding is held helps determine several elements of your dress choice. First, what is the level of formality? If your venue is upscale and traditional, going with a casual cotton dress may not be the best choice. No matter what venue your wedding is at, your goal should be for things to appear seamless; that every detail is "naturally" cohesive (you know, the same way that we spend 30 minutes on our makeup to look "naturally" this good).

Second, what is the weather like at your venue? If you are having an outdoor wedding during a summer in Georgia or an indoor wedding at a ski resort, the fabric of your dress can have a big impact on how comfortable you are at your wedding.

What About Your Theme Can Be Incorporated Into Your Dress

What is your wedding's theme? And no, I don't mean "theme" like your groom will be dressed up as Chewbacca or your wedding reception is an exact replica of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (I'm thinking you would already have a thoroughly unique dress picked out for such occasions). What I am referring to is the general look and feel of your wedding. Will your guests see a lot of crafty DIY details? Do you want to go a little vintage? Is your wedding an elegant event or a crazy all-night party? Are there tons of flowers and bright colors or is everything in minimalist black and white?

Incorporate your theme into your wedding dress selection. Brides with modern weddings should look towards sleek dresses, whereas vintage brides ought to consider some lace and perhaps even consider (gasp!) a blush dress. Brides with a less-traditional vision should seek out dresses that have unique silhouettes or loads of fun details (Madonna pearls? Yes, please.). For examples of dresses that brides have chosen to highlight their theme, check out real weddings with similar styles to your anticipated event. Ask yourself how certain dresses either lend to or distract from a wedding's theme.

By thinking about your venue and theme, your wedding dress can be one more way to emphasize your wedding's overall aesthetic.


Photo Credit: Katie Osgood