50's Sleepover Style: It doesn't get better than an indulgent girly overnight with your best gals. Decorate cupcakes, give each other makeovers, and watch movie musicals that everyone can sing along to.


What to Wear: Playful polka dots or ladylike silk flowers get the Sandra Dee stamp of approval. Offset the sweetness of these dress silhouettes with sassy saddle shoes and cat eye sunglasses.


Complete the Look: Sparkly pinatas from Confetti System and a palette of powder pink, mint and black feel straight from the dance-a-thon at Rydell High. Inexpensive favors like flavored lipgloss and a snappy coin purse will be a welcome take-home after a night of sugar highs.


Shopping Guide, Fashion: Pink Dress, Nail Polish, Ring, Earrings, Beauty Kit, Saddle Shoes, Sunglasses, Purse, Hair Flower, Polka Dot Dress.
Accessories: Fiestaware, Cake Stand, Polka Dot Napkins, Cupcake Wrappers, Cupcake Kit, 50's Invitation, Pinatas, 50's Records, Cupcake Journal, Coin Purse, Grease DVD, Hair Bows, LipSmackers, Mint Julep Mask.
Image Credits: 1. Craig Sanders 2. Lola's Room 3. Marianne Taylor 4, 5. Scott Clark 6. Lola's Room 7. Jose Lasheras 8. The Well Dressed Home 9. David Newkirk