Yesterday as I was perusing my new Anthropologie catalog (it's always a mini-celebration the day it arrives) and noticing the emphasis on bright, vibrant colors, it suddenly hit me - It's almost summertime! (For those of you getting married this summer, cue eye roll now...). Yes, the days of long evenings, cute dresses and wedding season are just about here and I, for one, couldn't be happier.

So to celebrate the upcoming months (and nuptials!), I've put together a inspiration board filled with bright colors for happy days. Now, let's all go do a little sun dance, shall we?


Rehearsal dinner dress: Anthropologie
What happened? bandages (perfect for a bridesmaid/groomsmen gift!): Urban Outfitters
Rainbow cake in a jar: Babble
Soda bar: Oh Happy Day!
Ranunculus flowers: Luigi Strano
Wedding invite: I Do It Yourself
DIY paper flowers: A Little Hut