mini berry tarts

Certain brides out there take their color palettes very, very seriously.  You know who you are, ladies.  You've done nothing but dream about pink and gold for months.  And your sweet table and bar is no exception.  You want all of those delish treats to seamlessly blend in with your impeccably coordinated decor.

Let's start off with deep purple palettes. It's all about the blackberries and blueberries!  Serve berry tarts for a summer event alongside some very sophisticated blackberry mint juleps.

blackberry mint julep

For those of you using red in your wedding, you probably don't want to choose desserts and drinks with tons of red food coloring.  Instead, serve up deeply pink spritzers (it'll "read" red) and strawberry topped pies or cakes.

pink spritzer cocktails
strawberry tart
basil ice cream

Green weddings are easy to find flavor and color matches. Use ingredients like lime, mint, or basil to make your green-themed tables extra tasty!  This basil ice cream (above) would be a refreshing palette cleanser after a spicy meal.  Want an alternative to a traditional white wedding cake?  Serve up these chocolate mojito cupcakes (below)!

mojito chocolate cupcakes

And for your signature cocktail, offer retro grasshoppers!  And because of their minty flavor, this chilly drink goes well with hot, summer events or Christmas celebrations.

grasshopper cocktail with whipped cream
blue and chocolate macarons

Blue is a tricky color for desserts and drinks.  Blueberries are a little too dark (unless you are going for navy) to match lighter shades.  Macarons are a terrific option for color palettes like this one.  For a cocktail, the "Mad Men" fan in me is adoring this Blue Hawaiian (below) for a tropical destination wedding.

Blue Hawaiian cocktails
lemon squares

Yellow weddings might have the most versatile choices for a monochromatic sweet table. Lemons, bananas, cheesecake--all are pretty darn delish.

lemon and blueberry
sparkling peach sangria
pear marzipan cupcakes

Metallics are really growing in popularity. Embrace the golden with sparkling peach sangria (above, left) and glitter-dusted pear cupcakes (above, right).

chocolate and white cake pops

And for those of you with a "colorless" palette of black and white, there are still tons of natural flavors, like dark chocolate, licorice, and coconut.  Like macarons, cake pops (above) can be made in any color and flavor.  And these coconut-vanilla bellinies are even prettier in champagne flutes with sugar-dipped rims.

coconut vanilla bellini

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