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Introduce your theme with minimalist invitations that will capture the interest of the guests with their understated and elegant design. A monochrome look is a perfect opportunity to capitalize on interesting typography. However, remember that when you do minimalist wedding details, they have to be quality, since there are no embellishments to hide behind.

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Escort Cards

Keep this minimalist wedding detail exactly that: minimalist. Get small monochrome escort cards that get their great aesthetic from the varying font sizes. This might even be an easy enough DIY project for you and the future hubby.

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Bridal Bouquet

A beautiful bouquet is supposed to complement the bride's style, not overwhelm it. So if the bride is planning a modern and minimalist look, keep the flowers simple, too. A cool idea is to limit yourself to only one or two types of flowers, and then complete the bouquet with dark greenery.

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Sage leaf olive branch groom boutonneire
Photo: Jen Huang


Instead of opting for blooming flowers, opt for using just simple greenery for the groom's boutonniere. This little bundle of olive sprigs will look elegant and minimal against his suit jacket.

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Wedding Dress

The dress must be simple in its shape and in its finishing, but that doesn't mean that the bride won't look stunning. Find a style that emphasizes all your best features without distracting from your natural beauty. This minimalist wedding detail should be devoid of lace and sequins, and instead exude simple glamour.

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Wedding Cake

You won't see a piped buttercream wedding cake, nor an elaborately decorated fondant confection at a minimalist wedding. The cake should look be muted, embellished with small amounts of greenery.

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Ceremony Decor

There's no need to go over the top with the ceremony d├ęcor when you are going with a minimalist theme. Once you have a clean, white wall, all you need are some natural accents, like this garland, to have a picture-perfect place to exchange your vows.

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minimalist wedding table decor rose gold flatware
Photo: Jen Huang

Table Decor

Keep the table as clear as possible, making creative (but sporadic) use of color. This beautiful tablescape is completely white except for the rose gold flatware and the little olive branch. The understated effect is simply breathtaking.

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Table Numbers

As a rule, table numbers should be easy to see and identify. The minimalist trend just makes your job easier by ensuring that the digits are large, clear, and easy to see, even after a few glasses to champagne. Keep a simple font and let the black and white contrast do the job for you.

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Minimalist wedding details are all about tiny things that make a noticeable difference, just like in this stylish centerpiece. The single leaves in the unassuming glass bottles are undoubtedly the center of attention, without being ostentatious.

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Photo Backdrop

For a sophisticated alternative to a traditional photo booth, use a blank white wall as your canvas and embellish it with modern metallic rings and a pop of greenery. This minimalist detail will have everyone lining up to get a stylish snap in front of it.

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minimalist olive oil wedding favor
Photo: Jose Villa


Favors are an important wedding detail because that's the part of the wedding that the guests take home with them. These beautifully packaged bottles of cold-pressed olive oil make a stunning and consumable gift that every guest will love.