It's thrilling to see beautiful things come from small beginnings. This shoot started with one photo and a wild, leafy piece of wall decor with gold and shades of dark green, then became a location which turned into a long table and modern decor with bold, eclectic color choices. It is non-traditional, striking and comfortable - the perfect summer celebration. Please, come in. The party's waiting. 

Creating the Perfect Summer Table:

  1. Texture. From smooth fabrics to rough wooden tables, textures inform the feel of your celebration. Keep in ming that nature-inspired textures feel casual, while sleek ones tend to be more formal.
  2. Shape. Geometric shapes are essential to the decor in this shoot, making appearances in everything from the macrame to the table displays. They help give the details a modern vibe.
  3. Color. If you're lacking inspiration, a color palette can act as a starting point for the rest of your day. Here, green and gold set an avant-garde tone that ties the other decor elements together.

Summer green and brown wedding table setting
Photo: Our Love is Loud

Summer table inspiration with fringe hanging installation and geometric details
Photo: Our Love is Loud

Modern geometric centerpiece with succulents
Photo: Our Love is Loud