marsala wedding invitation with gold ivy tendrils

I am so thrilled that the color of the year is Marsala. A deep, rich color that hints at luxurious details and bountiful feasts, this wine hue herald the end of orchid's reign. And can I just say how less than thrilled I was with orchid?  Orchid, while a gorgeous color, is rough when trying to find a bridesmaid dress than looks good on anyone or a complementary neutral. Marsala doesn't have that problem. This blush meets brick red hue with just a hint of brown (describing a color can be so much harder than it should be) goes well with a variety of skin tones and is pretty much flawless with most neutrals. Sold.

Play up Marsala for a vibrant effect and use gold or silver as a gorgeous neutral (above). This is such a glam look for evening weddings, especially those in autumn and winter.  If you want to use pops of Marsala, pair it with gray and utilize it in key places, such as with this wedding invite below.

wedding invitation in gray and marsala cursive script
blackberry flavored beverage in glass goblet with garnish

Of course, the obvious choice for Marsala-colored beverages is a hearty glass of red, but if you are going non-alcoholic or cocktail, look for drinks with blackberry.  The dark color will blend in beautifully with the rest of your decor.

bridal bouquet with dahlias and peonies in pinks and reds

For your bouquets and arrangements you have so many options with this color. You can layer with other colors such as blush pinks, lavenders, and eggplants such as with this lush bouquet above. It gives a lot of depth and allows you to play with a multitude of shades.  Or you can go wine monochromatic as with the arrangement below. Flowering branches and deep, dark orchids will give your reception a delightfully moody quality.

red branch centerpiece for wedding with table number
glamorous wine colored wedding dress in South Africa

As I mentioned above, Marsala is a really flexible color. And not everything has to be precisely the same shade. Find wine colors with a tad more brick for warmer skin tones (below, left) and a tad more berry (below, right) for cool ones. This bride above is rocking a Marsala dress that has us wondering why anyone would ever just wear white.

convertible bridesmaid dress in marsala with halter neckline
red bridesmaid dress with ruffled straps
makeup inspiration with deep wine lips and full lashes

Even more than red, wine-colored lips are the ultimate in dramatic makeup. Find a Marsala-inspired lipstick and pair it with a nude blush and long, dark lashes.  And yes, diva brows are a must for this look (above).

marsala tie with slightly burgundy suit jacket

Because Marsala pairs well with a great variety of neutrals from the grayest of grieges to the creamiest of ivories, a matching tie will go fine with whatever color suit they want to wear.  It even looks smashing with more vibrant neutrals like navy and shades of heathered violet (above).

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