Now that you have booked your venue you probably still hope to transform it a little. If you take advantage of a few simple tips, you can create a one-of-a-kind wedding in even the most popular venue!

Don't forget the lighting!

Seriously. The expenses are definitely adding up and you are looking for places to cut. And it may seem like lighting is the easiest choice. If nothing else, you can hand your guests flashlights, right? But lighting is the fastest and most effective way to immediately change the mood of a room. From colored lights to add depth to hotel ballrooms to lights and candles surrounding an outdoor garden, lighting can make all the difference.

Create rooms

Especially if you have a large space, whether that be a giant tent or a seemingly endless beach, creating rooms not only gives your guests extra places to socialize but also gives your venue a unique decor. Just makes sure that you pick furniture and details that blend with your theme. Modern benches at a vintage wedding just look weird. When you create rooms you can go super-detailed and rent out the store: rugs, lamps, tables, table decor, etc. Or you can just go with a few sofas and cocktail tables that blend in with their environment. And also make sure that the furniture is comfortable. Grandma's sour disposition will not be helped if she is sitting on a mod plastic chair.

Decorate Your Tables

Table decor can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your venue. For the biggest impact, consider the size of your venue. If it has high vaulted ceilings, aim for large, dramatic decor. Otherwise, it may get lost in the room. Your centerpieces don't have to be expensive to be dramatic. Rent or buy decor details like giant colored glass vases or antique birdcages. Often these can be found at thrift stores for less than the cost of a floral arrangement in the same size.

Creatively Display Your Food

You spent a lot of money on that food. A. Lot. Have it serve double duty as decor. Make sure that you display your food in a creative way that incorporates your theme. For modern weddings, use sleek plates, loads of stainless steel and glass accents, and straight-as-a-pin arrangement of dishes (the type As are salivating right now, right?). For more rustic affairs, bring the outside in by using wood, grasses, and stone to use as pedestals and decor for your buffet tables.

By personalizing your venue, you are creating a wedding that is uniquely your own!


Photo Credit: Powers Photography