If you are welcoming guests' children to your wedding, you might consider creating a fun kids table designed just for them. It's a great opportunity to interpret your color scheme and floral choices in fun, new ways!
While a fabulous floral centerpiece that matches every other table will blend in, kids might be less impressed with a large, lush arrangement than your older guests. Instead, create a cupcake tower centerpiece that combines flowers and food. It's sure to light up any child's eyes! Cupcakes are the perfect, self-contained snack, eliminating extra forks and plates and allowing kids to serve themselves.
Use glass votive cups as miniature vases for flowers, or fill others with small favors and toys, chalk, crayons, or candies. Spindly wine glasses and top-heavy goblets have no place near the busy hands of excited children. I turned the ever-popular mason jar into a spill-proof sipper by drilling a hole in the center of each lid, sanding the edges smooth with emory paper, and covering the tops with fabric before inserting a straw. Be sure to cut a matching hole in your fabric first (I used a hole punch!).
Create an activity board to keep kids occupied when speeches and toasts run long. I took a chalkboard easel (you can easily find one at IKEA) and attached a sheet of galvanized metal to the back. Painted and stenciled in your wedding colors—try stenciling your monogram at the bottom—this magnet board is a great surface for kids to play with words. Using chalk cloth I crafted speech and thought bubbles with magnets sewn inside. Leave the kids a disposable camera at their table and have an adult encourage them to write messages in chalk or with magnet letters then stand in front of the photo board and take a picture with their phrase.
What's cuter than a child, a scrawled message, and a speech bubble? Consider providing separate favors for the kids like special toys, food in shapes, or anything personalized with their names. The more activities they have to engage with, the more fun they (and their parents) will have!
Photos by Nissa Nicole:

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