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Rainbow Bridesmaids

Avoid that cliched of your bridesmaids hating their dresses and go for a basic option — then let them all pick out colors, bouquets and accessories from the different hues of the rainbow. It will let their personality shine through, and will also look fantastic in your pictures. The perfect addition to your rainbow wedding!

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Rainbow Heels

Getting to wear fierce shoes is one of the perks of wedding style, and having a rainbow wedding means you get to take the style up a notch. Add all of the colors of the rainbow to your wedding look by wearing bright, multi-colored shoes.

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Rainbow Banners

Decorating the walls of your big day with rainbow banners will brighten up any wedding ceremony and add a touch of fun to the day.

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Rainbow Centerpieces

Instead of using a solid color for your rainbow wedding centerpieces, bring in some whimsy by using rainbow florals to decorate your reception tables. It's a simple and classy way to bring all of your favorite colors into your celebration.

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Rainbow Colored Food

You always want tasty food for your wedding, but making food that also fits the color scheme is an added bonus. Serve your guests multi-colored snacks and drinks to keep your entire wedding day bright and colorful.

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Rainbow Ribbons

Sometimes simplicity is the best answer when it comes to decorating your wedding. Using ribbons from the colors of the rainbow is a simple, unique, and classy way to add rainbow decor to your wedding and reception — plus it makes for a fun wedding DIY project.

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Surprise rainbow wedding cake with colorful interior

A wedding cake decorated with all of the colors of the rainbow can be a bit overwhelming. Instead, why not keep the exterior a simple color and keep the interior a fun, rainbow surprise for your guests?

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Rainbow Balloon Arch

Nothing says whimsical like balloons. Adding a rainbow of balloons and balloon arches will bring in your rainbow color scheme as well as help create a fun vibe for your big day.

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Rainbow Ties

Getting your groomsmen to dress up in multi-colored tuxes might be a tall order. Plus, it might be too much rainbow than you're hoping for. Instead, why not give them shirts or even ties of the colors of the rainbow? Throw in multi-colored sunglasses if you're feeling really bold.

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Rainbow Umbrellas

Give your bridal party rainbow-colored umbrellas to either hold during the ceremony or to brighten up some of your wedding photos. They'll definitely thank you if your wedding is outside in the hot sun!