So, let's say you know the colors you want in your wedding, but now you've found out just how many shades of light blue exist (for reals, this can make your head spin). Finding just the right hue can be tedious. Here are some ways to make your decision easier:

Assess what you like. One of the best ways to find the shade you like is to take your ladies bridesmaid dress shopping. Their dresses will be where your wedding colors are most obvious. What shades look good on them? What shades represent the color you want?

Another place to consider is any wedding details that you really want in your wedding, such as a particular flower or pattern. Make sure that you like that element against the color you have chosen.

Once you find the right shade, use Pantone to make a perfect match for future reference.

Play around with combinations.  Sites like Dessy have great tools to play around with color combos until you find just the right one. And color boards and real weddings can also have terrific ideas of different color palettes. These examples are also helpful because you get to see the colors in "real" life. A navy and yellow wedding looks very different than a navy and cream wedding, for example. Which effect do you like better? Looking at examples and utilizing online tools will help you decide.

Think about where your colors are most showcased. The main color in your palette are most often highlighted in the attire of your wedding party, flowers and centerpieces, and your invitations. When you are contemplating the shades, consider what you want these elements to look like. If you know you want pink as your primary color, do you like something bold or something light and sweet?

Whatever you do, don't get sucked into some sort of color wormhole.  No good can come from that. Just find what you love and stick to it.


Photo Credit: Zac Wolf Photography