Okay, so our dear friend Kara wrote this at the beginning of the year and it is almost creepy how accurate she was. As we start to consider what trends are going to be huge in 2012 we want you to tell us what were your favorite and least favorite wedding trends from 2011?

With the start of the New Year you can be sure of two things in the blogosphere - everyone's posting their resolutions and everyone's creating their Top Trend Lists. Since I'm loathe to admit that my resolution list looks pretty much the same as it has for the past five years (let's see, eat better, work out more... sound familiar?), I think we're going to go with the big trends we see happening in weddings this year (plus, wedding dresses sound a lot more fun than carrots, don't they?).

Ahem. So without further ado, the Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2011!


1. Gowns that make a statement: Nicole Richie got the ball rolling on this one late last year with her Marchesa gown, which featured long sleeves, exquisite lace, and lots and lots of tulle. Detailing is in - think ruffles, flowers, feathers - so even dresses with simple lines will have a touch of flair. Either way, it's all about dramatic dresses that help you make an entrance (and statement).

2. The Return of Romance: Ah, we couldn't be happier that romance is back. We're seeing wedding dresses that have soft, flowing lines with a distinct 20s and 30s feel (very Gatsby-esque). And rather than the more traditional white or cream, wedding dresses are showing up in a pale pink, which pairs perfectly with this season's pale yellows and Pantone's Honeysuckle, a very romantic, brighter pink. For men, let's just say, seersucker and linen have never looked better or more timely.

3. Fusion weddings: Now we're not saying every bride needs to employ an elephant in her wedding à la Katy Perry, but embracing and celebrating culture is definitely in (whether it's yours or one you admire). It's using bold colors, rich tones, and vibrant designs that give a nod to your East Asian roots while handing out leis to the wedding party to celebrate your husband's.

4. Dessert bars: Candy tables will always have a place in our heart, but dessert tables are quickly burrowing their way in. Featuring down-home favorites like brownies, bars and different types of pies, they also often feature a modern twist on the wedding cake - several varieties of homemade cakes rather than just one large one.

5. Preppy chic: With the blazer taking over the cardigan's throne, preppy is officially back. Look for the continued use of navy and yellows with the introduction of plaid in table settings, bridesmaid accessories and, of course, cool bow ties.

6. Keeping it Green: As eco-friendly goods become more mainstream and easy to buy, couples are continuing to make Green a priority in their wedding. In fact, young adults are more likely than any other group to pay more for green products, which we have to say, doesn't surprise us a bit.

7. Making it yours: Whether it's using terrariums as your centerpiece, hiring food trucks to cater the event, or hosting your wedding at the local diner, it's still all about making your wedding day your own. And with some of our favorite stores and designers like Vera Wang for David's Bridal, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, White House/Black Market creating affordable, interesting wedding dresses, it's just gotten a little bit easier.

8. Luxe items: Rather than spending money willy-nilly, couples are responsibly spending money on one item that lends an air of luxury to the event - a fur stole, a jeweled bracelet, a pair of designer shoes...And with the royal wedding fast approaching, we can only imagine that tiaras might make their way onto the list.

9. Alternative registries: Registering for help with your honeymoon, a down payment on a house, or even for a charity that's close to your heart continues to gain in popularity. And we're starting to see more registry options, like the Registry Stop, that let you register online or on your phone at your favorite traditional stores, as well as your local mom-and-pops.

10. Outdoor weddings: Nature is this year's most popular wedding décor. Couples are taking their ceremonies and receptions outside with garden weddings, wooded fairylands, and barnyard chic. Posing with the local goats and horses has never looked more in style, or romantic.

Photo by Maggie Heinzel-Neel. You can see Rachel and Darren's romantic wedding here.