bride and groom in classroom

This time of year I always seethe with jealousy as I pass by the school supplies section.  As kids pick out the trendiest notebooks with the latest teen idols (as if Harry Styles has anything on Luke Perry...puhleeze), I wish I had my own supply list to shop from. I may or may not leave with a brand new box of crayons that go on the shelf next to the box I bought last year (it's a vicious cycle).

So, it comes as no surprise that I am in love with schoolhouse-inspired wedding details. For me, these weddings are the ultimate in grown-up whimsy.  This round-up will help you plan your own schoolhouse affair, with inspirational images and creative ideas.

books and apple wedding centerpiece
centerpiece in reclaimed ruler planter

Books and apples go hand-in-hand with these events, especially in autumn.  This stack of books is tied together with twine (above, left), and is a very simple DIY project.  And your centerpieces will certainly measure up (pun completely and shamelessly intended) with flowers inside this planter made of antique rulers (above, right).  These festive centerpieces would actually go well with any vintage wedding theme, but especially meaningful at a schoolhouse wedding.

wedding guest pop quiz

A pop quiz has never looked like so much fun!  This bride and groom kept their guests entertained with a quiz to accompany their report card-themed wedding program (above).  Equally clever is this stylish invitation suite below.  Designed with a typewriter font and library card insert (bonus points if you are old enough to remember a card catalog), this invitation's folder even had doodles sketched on the front.

school-themed wedding invitation

For your own schoolhouse wedding, there is plenty of room to incorporate your theme into the little details. When it comes time for the ring bearer to walk that precious band down the aisle, have him tie it to a vintage book (below, left) or inside of a sweet lunchbox (below, right).

ring bearer pillow book
lunchbox to carry wedding ring

Make your guests do a little math to find their table with vintage flash cards as table numbers.  Sure, you could just write a "7" but isn't "3+4" more fun?

flashcards for table numbers
school lunch themed wedding treats

And you can have very real, very decadent fun when it comes to the sweet table. Serve gourmet versions of your favorite sack lunch treats, from homemade banana pudding to the most addictive cookie ever, oatmeal creme pies (above).

If you want to give your guests the most adorable DIY favor, check out this "milk" and cookies project.  Click on the image below to download the template to make milk carton boxes to put the cookies in. Hand them to your guests on the way out for the ultimate midnight snack back at the hotel.

chocolate chip cookie favors

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