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Wedding clutch with flamingo bird detailing
Photo: M'oda 'Operandi; Designer: Serpui

Add a Touch of Wildlife

Pick a clutch that fits your wedding theme! If you have a jungle or wildlife theme, have a print or specific animal on your clutch. You could carry part of your theme with you all night long.

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Get Detailed

There is a thing as too little, too much, or just enough. Pick a clutch that has intricate detailing with beading and patterns.

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Lace detailed cut out wedding clutch
Photo: ASOS

Cut It Out

Do you want the delicate lace detail without actual lace fabric? Pick wedding clutches that have lace cut outs! The designs are just as intricate and it lasts much longer.

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Crochet clutch for wedding night
Photo: Etsy

Play with Shapes

A statement clutch can be whatever size, shape or color you choose. Go unique and play with the shape of the bag! Change it up and add crochet detailing for added impact.

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Sleek wedding clutch; black circle with wrist attachment
Photo: Nasty Gal

Make It Bold

Nothing is bolder than black on a wedding day. Make a statement by pairing your wedding dress with a black clutch.

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Embroidered wedding clutch with crystal details
Photo: Neiman Marcus; Designer: Marchesa

Make It Sparkle

Every bride needs a bit of sparkle on her wedding day. Choose a clutch that has been embroidered with stones and crystals to really shine at your event.

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Box wedding clutch with Mother of Pearl detail
Photo: M'oda 'Operandi; Designer: Nathalie Trad

Pick a Pattern

Pick a simple pattern and make it stand out. A clutch made with mother of pearl shell and simple patterns is designed to stand out. Choose one you love and keep it close all night.

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Wedding clutch with lace overlay and detailing
Photo: Vanijja

Use lovely overlays

So, you've decided that you want lace to be a dominant part of your day. Choose wedding clutches that have lace overlays. It's beautiful and adds another layer of femininity to your bridal style.

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Birds of a Feather

Forget about using a plain clutch. Choose a clutch that is covered in feathers to add a point of difference to your bridal attire.

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Gold just married wedding clutch
Photo: The Knot; Photographer: Abby Jiu

Play on Words

Announce your newlywed status to everyone by having it stamped on your clutch. It has just the right amount of sparkle and sass to help make your day special.