Welcome to October. The month of - at least in the Northern Hemisphere - falling leaves and apple pie and everything, everything pumpkin. It's possible that I'm a bit obsessed.

But it's also an incredibly lovely time of year for a wedding. And, in my opinion, one of the simplest to wrap your wedding day theme around. From rustic to Halloween-inspired to sleek and elegant, fall can do it all. Because, honestly, who doesn't love red leaves or crisp afternoons? When I think fall weddings, I think of romance in lace dresses and white candles and photos like the one above - sweet and bright with real color and perfect.

One of the most beautiful weddings I've attended took place in the fall and embraced the season entirely. It was in Denver, Colorado, so it was admittedly a little bit difficult to ignore the change in weather, but the bride chose to work magic with it instead of hide from the chill. She went for candles and soft lighting, for deep browns and oranges, burgundy wax on stamped seating cards and, as the centerpiece on each table, a bowl of vibrant, deeply hued apples.

Simple, memorable, easily hand-created and completely elegant. I think I'll just live in a small puddle of envy forever.

I'm beginning to think that I say this every time a new season rolls around, but I especially say it for fall: if I could change one thing about my own wedding, it would be to move it to October. I'd probably forgo the traditional cake (or increasingly traditional cupcakes!) and stack enough pies on the dessert table to put my pumpkin cravings permanently at bay. I'm sure I'd want to light everything solely by candlelight (which, considering the average time of sunset these days, is probably entirely impractical) and wrap myself in enough lace to...well, feel sufficiently Victorian, I suppose!

What's your favorite wedding season? Do you get as excited about maple trees and apple-filled centerpieces as I do?

P.S. Truly, I wouldn't change a thing about my own wedding. But, still, I mean, if I did...


Photo Credit: Ryan Ray Photography