1. It's the day you've been looking forward to ever since you fell in love with the guy. Why would you want it to be anything other than maximum joy?  And, btw, stilettos can kill maximum joy.  Be comfy and completely yourself, and for you that may be showing off that fantastic pedicure in a pair of flip-flops. Do you.

2.  When I saw this table number painted on a bottle it was instant detail love.  Especially with the bold font and blue shade, it would be ah-mazing at any preppy or nautical wedding.  And if you fill it with water, it's also practical. Bonus!

3.  This is just wise advice. It's only a wedding. Just a party.  An awesome party that you are supposed to enjoy and love and remember for the rest of your life. It will all work out, even if your coral shoes turn out to be pink and the band plays the wrong first dance song. So, for heaven's sake, ditch the anxiety and embrace the day!

4.  Koozies have gone from my least favorite to most favorite favor. Maybe it's because they've become way cooler (no pun intended) over the last five years with the ability to use fun monograms, humorous sayings, and fantastic typography. Whatever it is, mighty koozie, you have completely won me over.

5. Why should wedding cakes get all the topper fun?  The cupcake deserves a little glory, too. This bunting topper paired with a mini-banner is pretty darn precious.  And you thought cupcakes were cute enough on their own. Pfft.

6.  Okay, full disclosure, paper airplane programs terrify the worrywart in me. What if you put one of the bride's eye out? But the pictures turn out glorious with the couple making their exit amid pastel paper airplanes flying all around them. So, maybe it's for brides that wear glasses?  Or just keep them away from that mischievous ring bearer.

7.  Best aisle decor ever.  All other contenders can just go home.  These colorful paper flowers are staked in the ground, lining either side of the aisle at this beachfront wedding.  Creative perfection!