1. Father and son in matching cream-colored tuxedo jackets? Always, always, yes.

2. This isn't Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants; your gals are not going to be able to rock the same dress equally. Let them shine in their own style by picking out different dresses in the same color. This pale pink bridal party is just perfection, right?

3. This peep-toed shoe has just the right amount of sparkle to stand out as a wedding shoe, but not so much that you doubt you will ever wear them again. Classic, but amped up a notch!

4. You don't have to love buttercream or fondant to have a stand-out wedding cake. Instead, go with an option that suits your aesthetic and your taste buds. Mimic this little beauty and top your cake with berries and fill the layers with a mascarpone whipped frosting.

5. Make your wedding countdown fun, not a cause for stress!

6. Outdoor pews?! You have got to be kidding me! I love this concept.  Perfect for the couple trying decide between a church wedding or something outdoors.

7. For a wedding that was as cool as this one, of course they had shades for favors.

8. While you probably have a million shots for your photographer to take, give the day a little space for candid moments. If your groomsmen are downright hilarious don't force them into a bunch of stuffy poses with no opportunity for a little humor. These guys do their best jaunty walk to the ceremony, and we kinda love them for it!