Bouquet of wedding flowers resting on a dish of candies on a tabletop.

2012 will be a very interesting (and super gorgeous) year for weddings. We expect to see big glam, thoughtful themes, and lots of attention to detail.

Last year's royal wedding absolutely influenced wedding dress trends. Thanks to Kate's long lace sleeves, we will be seeing a greater variety of different necklines and sleeve lengths. Strapless gowns will take a back seat to one shoulder, illusion necklines, cap sleeves, and deep v necks. Dresses will be much more romantic and elegant than last year. This doesn't mean that traditional "princess" gowns should be expected. Some will be long, fitted and sleek. Others will be in pale colors such as blush.

Above all, expect more glamour. For several years, we have seen a trend towards simple and in 2012 we will start to move away from that. From sparkly accents to faux fur shrugs, weddings will look more expensive and have that little extra "pop" of opulence. Bejeweled details will also be popular, such as cool brooches on bouquets, decorating candleholders, and adorning invitations.

The very popular food stations from last year will continue through 2012. Although, there will be more details to dress them up such as sleek matching signage and more emphasis on presentation. Many couples will choose to have a food station as their favors, such as a "make your own midnight snack" tables featuring popcorn, candies, and cookies. Dessert tables will be less about cupcakes and feature more bite-sized desserts and pastries, alongside a layer cake (let's face it--the most crucial detail for any guest).

In flowers, big and lush bouquets are making a comeback. Expect lots of multi-textured bouquets with different hues. Centerpieces, although they won't all necessarily match, will also follow this trend. Even couples who choose to use flower substitutes, such as paper flowers or food centerpieces, will be incorporating a lot of dynamic textures.

The vintage and rustic trends will still be huge in 2012, but will definitely be taken up a notch. Couples are realizing that not everyone can make DIY look like an Amy Atlas tablescape (seriously, who can pull that off?). However, they love the individualization and originality that DIY details can provide. Therefore, many couples will start buying their "DIY" details, and having florists and other artists complete their vision for them.

From the bridesmaid dresses to the boutonnieres to the centerpieces, 2012 weddings will have even less symmetry and cookie cutter layout (no matchy-matchy, ladies!) than before. Expect different dresses and shoes on bridesmaids, variations on details like table numbers and place cards, and different rented furniture for each area. Most of the time, all of these things will still be unified by some type of central theme or mood to keep it polished and stylish.

Couples are starting to think of their wedding as less of an impressive, but somewhat impersonal, event and more of an intimate gathering. Some weddings will have smaller guest lists to achieve this, while larger weddings will use communal dining tables and creating small spaces within the event room to have the feel of a more inclusive gathering.

The color palettes for 2012 are at seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum. Super creamy neutrals are very on-trend through most of 2012. However, extra bright pops of color will be present over the spring and summer, such as red-orange, lime greens, and royal blues. Black is also back in a big way as an accent color.

As great as the 2011 weddings were, we at Delightfully Engaged can't wait to see the real weddings this year!

Photo Credit: C'na Roberts Photography