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Some couples have a profound sense of wanderlust.  They met abroad, take a vacay together every year, and they skipped the blenders and registered for their dream honeymoon. If this sounds like you, why not bring your great passion for travel into the most passionate day of your lives?  Travel decor at a wedding can be silly and humorous or completely elegant vintage.  Go where the wind takes you!

If you want to set the mood for your travel-themed wedding, start with your engagement session.  Find a historical train station or airstrip and pose to your retro heart's content.  You could also stage your session around planning your honeymoon.  You and your fella surrounded by brochures to far-flung destinations? Sounds pretty good.

couple in train station
airplane ticket save the date

For your invites, commit to the theme with a boarding pass reproduction complete with "in-flight" meal selections (above) and bar codes.  Planning a trip to Europe?  Use airmail-style invites to set the tone (below).

airmail wedding invite
airplane safety wedding program

You can make your other paper goods themed, as well. This program's wedding party is referred to as the "crew" and reminds you to keep your seat in its upright position!

table chart by destination

One of the easiest ways to display all of your travels together is with your table numbers. Instead of numbers, assign each table as a country you have visited.  You can even design each centerpiece with the country's culture or national flower in mind.  Use luggage tag-inspired place cards to send each guest to their seat (below).

tags and map seating chart

Did you collect postcards on your trips?  Use them for guest book notes. Leave a stack of pretty cards for your guests to choose from a suitcase to drop them in once completed. Later you can create wall art or an album to preserve them.

postcards guest book

You can also use different travel related items as your guest book.  This couple below used an antique wooden airplane propeller. You could also use a vintage suitcase, boat oar, or road atlas.

airplane propeller guest book

If your wedding revolves around air travel, fold your wedding programs into paper airplanes (below). Keep the main text towards the center so it doesn't get obscured in the folds.  During your recessional, your photo will be pretty amazing with colored airplanes flying all around the two of you.

paper airplane wedding program
suitcase and globe

Some of the most common travel decor for vintage wedding is sturdy antique suitcases and weathered globes (USSR, anyone?). Display them on your welcome table, or use them as tiered stands for cakes or votives (below).

vintage suitcases

Want more travel insights? You're in luck! June is Bon Voyage Month, brought to you in partnership with Paul Gauguin Cruises.  We're focusing on all things travel to help make your destination wedding and honeymoon the best it can be!

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