The holiday season, at least according to the twinkle-light wrapped trees at the local mall, is officially here. In just a few days, people all around the country will be sitting down to plates filled with turkey, cranberry sauce and, most importantly, pumpkin pie.


It's all about the pumpkin pie.


It also happens to be just about the busiest time of year, at least in my home. Between work and get-togethers and hunting for presents and ugly Christmas sweaters alike (not to mention the inevitable travel to visit far-off family...and possibly spending way too much time decorating my house with all sorts of festive things), things can get a bit overwhelming.


And then I remember that there are brides out there doing everything I'm doing and planning their wedding!


There should be awards for stuff like that. It never even occurred to me to think of having a wedding around the holidays until after I was married. Ultimately, I don't think the timeline would have fit for us anyway, but is there anything more breathtaking than a photo of a bride and groom surrounded by clean, white snow?


I would argue that, in fact, there is not. And while I wouldn't necessarily, despite my mild infatuation with Christmas, be a big supporter of inviting Old Saint Nick himself to the event, a wedding around the holidays can be an absolutely gorgeous thing. The lights, the chill, the opportunity for hot chocolate-laden countertops and pops of cheerful, deep colors...there's just something about holiday weddings.


So, Delightfully Engaged friends, if you are planning a wedding for around Christmas, or New Year's, or Hanukkah, or Thanksgiving, I hope you buy yourself a fur (or faux-fur!) muff, embrace the rosy cheeks the weather is inevitably going to give you, and consider me officially envious.


Photo Credit: Aaron Snow Photography