Groom and Bride holding red paper hearts. Bride is wearing a vintage dress.
With return of classically-inspired looks (often perfectly aged like a fine Cabernet), I ask, "What vintage are you?" A peculiar question I know, but as the tony fashions of yesteryear become the chic looks of our wedding designs today, I want you to know you do have options.

Vintage today means well-tailored, elegant and smart, and has evolved into multiple stylistic genres: classic, modern and artisan. No longer does the idea of something old, antique or used equal a lacy, floral endearment. Instead the sleek, even edgy, lines a Modernist craves can be found amidst the same settings of curls and swirls a traditional classicist finds appealing.

If you are like so many other fashionable brides who desire a vintage look, first consider defining which style you are going for. Gilded, silvery motifs eluding to honored traditions are typically for the more classic at heart. Aged, patined and slightly worn themes often work well for those going for a more natural or rustic look, such as farm to table. Contemporary schemes work well with retro and modern lines, like those of the 60's and 70's era.

Once you have a clear focus of which period you like the most, start to think about how you will inspire your overall design with a dash of dated details. For example, consider selecting a single statement piece that will be placed in a high visibility location, such as the guest book area, to firmly establish your theme. Often, you can find the right piece in granny's basement, local thrift store or garage sale; wherever you find it, it should not be new. No matter what, don't be afraid to mix eras if they work well together - there should be no rules.

Photo by: Jessica Claire Photography via The Sweetest Occasion