Last week we defined the most common wedding themes, ranging from modern to vintage. If you are anything like most brides, you probably thought several (or all) of them sounded pretty cool. But how to make up your mind if you are still on the fence? I'm a big proponent of planning a wedding that feels like the couple. You can always tell, even from just the pictures, when someone has planned a wedding that is absolutely nothing like their own personality and taste. It lacks that little special intangible something. Let's break it down by theme again to help you identify which wedding theme might incorporate most authentically into your own personality and style:

Modern-- These sleek weddings are sophisticated, urbane, and bold. City girl with museum memberships, a mile-long list of acquaintances for every hot spot, and loads of style? Of course you should have a modern wedding. It speaks to all of your strengths. Planning a modern wedding is an exercise in editing, and definitely for the extremely confident. If you are a bride that wants things a little frilly and feminine, your wedding isn't going to be here.

Vintage--Those frilly and feminine brides? A vintage wedding may be right up their alley. These events are Downton-level ladylike. Vintage weddings are so darn pretty they almost make the groom seem out of place. This theme is all about the lace, historical inspiration, and most likely, pastels. The athletic bride who has never worn a dress in her life or a stitch of makeup, much less drink a cup of tea? A vintage wedding would make your guests think they might be crashing someone else's event.

Rustic-- Do you just not see the need for so much formality? Do weddings feel a bit impersonal to you? A rustic wedding may be the ticket! These events are slightly more casual, emphasizing rural charm and country details. Yes, I know Mason jars are super "in" right now, but if you've never worn anything but stilettos and the only tractor you've seen was on "Footloose", leave the rustic affairs to the Southern gals. They excel at them.

Retro--These colorful weddings are fun and have just a bit of a "wink" to them. To pull off this theme well, you need a terrific sense of humor and a less traditional vision for your wedding day. Women who are more conservative or reserved might want to consider another theme that will allow their classic taste to shine.


Photo Credit: Adriana Klas Photography