A simple, elegant wedding cake resting under a vintage chandelier.

Now that you have selected your wedding's theme--where to display it? Here are some common places to show off your theme:


Pick a pattern that goes with your theme in your colors. And when in doubt, go with basic and elegant. The last thing you want is to send out a country hoedown-style invite when you are having a vintage garden wedding--the horror! (Okay, so I've been watching a lot of "Downton Abbey" lately...)


Ceremony Details

Depending upon where you are having your ceremony, you might not be able to go full-on theme. For example, if you are having a church wedding and a retro reception, you may have to wait to be all about the nostalgic fun until you are at the reception. But at the very least, you can use your wedding colors in the flowers or aisle decor. You can also incorporate your theme into the music at the ceremony. Modern wedding? Have the violinists play covers of alt rock songs.


Wedding Signage

Use your theme to direct guests in fun ways. Signage lets guests know where they ought to be and what the ought to be doing: Go here, sign this, sit at table 9. Pretty boring. By making your signage beautiful and entertaining, this process can be more fun than the round of Simon Says it seems like.


Centerpieces and Table Decor

Now, this is where you can go all out! Decorate your tables to give a powerful sense of atmosphere around your theme. Rustic affair? Wildflowers and wood accents are a great way to go.


Food and Cake Displays

You are paying so much for these things that having them serve double duty only make sense. Vintage wedding? Drape serving tables in lace and use antique bud vases throughout. Ranch wedding? Serve food in unconventional ways such as turning the back of an old wagon into a buffet area.



Send your guests off with a favor or packaging that highlights the theme of the event. Crafty wedding? Send your guests off with paper-wrapped cookies.


Photo Credit: Jessie Holloway Photography