Wood wedding details are perfect for a rustic wedding. From invitations printed on thin wood veneer to a wood cake topper, there are dozens of ways to weave wood, branches and bark into your big day. However, despite being a "natural" material, not all wood is eco-friendly, so you have to be careful.

bride and groom wood wedding cake topper

Image: Pokeberry Patch

Many tree species are endangered or are part of untouched natural habitat that needs to be preserved. Trees from tree farms seem like a better solution on the surface, but these monocultures provide havens for invasive pest species and often displace thousands of animals that need a mixed forest environment to survive. The solution is selecting products made from sustainably harvested (and ideally FSC certified) or fallen wood. There are many wedding vendors committed to providing sustainable alternatives. Here are some beautiful and completely sustainable wood wedding ideas to get you started:

Save The Dates

Nature lovers will enjoy these custom carved tree magnets. Each is handmade in the USA from a variety of wood choices, including recycled Blue Stain Pine (also known as Colorado beetle kill pine).

wood wedding save the date magnet in the shape of a tree with a carved heart

Wood Wedding Flowers

Did you know that flowers can be made from wood and still look amazing? You can buy flowers delicately crafted from balsa wood from Haven Spring and sell them after your wedding.

wood wedding bouquets made from lightweight balsa

Wood Wedding Ring

While not for everyone, wood wedding rings are very striking and are completely sustainable. This wood engagement ring is handcrafted by Distinctly Johan.

wood wedding engagement band with a diamond

Walk down the aisle in woodsy style by placing your wedding bands in a custom wood ring box. This is the kind of heirloom piece your children can reuse on their wedding day too.

custom engraved wood wedding ring box for a rustic wedding with a tree design

Wood Reception Signs

These wood wedding menus and seating cards are carved in the USA on sustainable American wood. They are beautifully made and embody the "rustic chic" aesthetic. After your wedding, you can keep them as a memento of the event or compost them as you like.

hand carved wood wedding reception menu and seating cards

Tree Bark Candle Holders

If you love the look of rough bark trees, these bark candle holders bring the beauty of nature to your table. The Bent Tree Gallery's products are created from willow trees and branches from wasteland near their home.

tree bark tea light holders

Tree Slab Cake Stand

Perch your organic wedding cake atop a slab of fallen wood. You can make your own or purchase one online.

wood slab cake stand

Wood slabs also make nice wedding reception flower centerpieces stands.

wood wedding reception centerpiece idea

Top It Off

If you like the idea of a wood cake topper you have many options to choose from. You can find everything from custom art piece cake toppers crafted to look like you and your fiancé to elegant laser cut wood monograms.

custom his and her portrait cake topper made from sustainable wood


Get The Gifts!

If sustainable wood appeals to you, don't forget to register for some eco-friendly wood wedding gifts. This red wood vase is made from sustainable mango wood.

sustainable wood wedding vase in red

You can also pick green groomsmen's gifts like this wood pen, which is handmade from eco-friendly wood.

handmade wood groomsmen pen

Visit the Green Bride Guide shop to find dozens of other sustainable wood wedding ideas.