bride with white boho dress and large bouquet in forest ravine

When it comes to creating a woodsy wedding, you need to find a color palette that expresses the mood you are going for. We've collected a few images depicting two of our favorite woodsy wedding color schemes, whether you are in a forest in the Pacific Northwest or the South.

White, Greens, and Very Muted Earth Tones

If you want a wedding in the woods that feels ethereal, wondrous, and whimsical, consider a very pale color palette. Basically the emphasis here is that you and your palette are standing out against the darker greens in your surroundings--a bit of a white light in the shadows kind of vibe. Above, this bride looks like a fairy with her boho dress and lush bouquet of white and pale blue blooms. Below, these bridesmaids are all in the palest of minty sage green dresses.  When you use lighter colors and you want to avoid a "pastel" palette, make sure the colors are highly muted down (just this side of white).

bride with bridesmaids in very light mint green dresses

Ultimately, your goal should be to stick to the colors, texture, and natural elements around you. Use things like pine cones, succulents, Queen Anne's lace, and fern fronds in your details.

white wedding cake on woodcut cake stand decorated with moss and succulents
woodsy wedding centerpiece with ferns and pine cones

And then break them up with plenty of white to add light to this woodsy wedding color palette, to keep it looking fresh and breezy, rather than dark.

modern forest wedding place setting with ferns and candles

Mirror the greens and whites from nature, such as the flowers your guests will see lining your aisle, in your wedding invitation suite.

gideon photography copy
woodsy wedding aisle lined with white flowers

Deep Jewel Tones & Hints of Metallics

If the above palette is ethereal woodland chic, think of this one as dark sophistication. This deeper palette is less fairy land, and more Grimm's fairy tale.  For those of you who kind of prefer the Disney villain to the princess, this sensuous and elegant palette may be just the ticket.

The lighter palette was focused on standing out against the dark background, whereas this one is all about blending in with it. Use plenty of wood, hints of berry and deep eggplant, and rich fabrics like velvet and leather to generate a palette that will make your woodsy wedding unforgettable.

woodsy wedding tablescape with dramatic jewel tones

Brides should wear dramatic makeup and play up deep shades of berry on their lips. Bridesmaids can wear dark jewel-toned dresses wrapped up in ornately patterned shawls (perfect for an autumn wedding, right?).

bride with sheer embroidered shawl and dramatic makeup
bridesmaid in dark eggplant dress and shawl with pine cone and flower bouquet

Skip the all-white cake and instead choose something in decadent chocolate, decorated with deep red flowers.

rustic chocolate wedding cake on table with votive candles

While you don't want to go all-out metallic (the sparkle will overwhelm the moodiness of this scheme), use slightly tarnished golds and coppers for an "imperfect" effect that blends in well with mosses, fruits, and berries.

metallic place setting on mossy table
white cat studio copy

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