Whether or not you have a well-stocked kitchen of your own, there’s a good chance looking around for additional accessories (like that 12-cup food processor you’ve been eyeing) or maybe even an upgrade on what you already have in place (stand mixer over hand mixer? Yes, thank you.) is the perfect way to begin your registry adventure. Here are all the kitchen-friendly items and accessories I would add to my registry, stat.

Crate & Barrel 12 cup food processor

Cuisinart 12-Cup Elite Food Processor

I was clearly actually talking about myself up there. I have one, tiny food processor in my life and it’s made me realize one thing: food processors can do anything. Register accordingly.

Crate & Barrel waffle maker for kitchen registry

All-Clad Waffle Maker

It’s possible the best thing about not having to plan a wedding anymore (aside from the marriage thing itself) is all that free time you have again…which is perfect for lazy weekend mornings starring your spouse and homemade waffles.

Crate & Barrel Bodum tea press for kitchen wedding registry

Bodum Assam Tea Press

Another key ingredient in those lazy mornings is this lovely little device. While I do love a good cup of coffee, I’m just as likely to reach for a mug of tea and, in my book, the experience and smell of loose leaf tea is second to none. Plus, a registry is the perfect place to request those items you know you’ll adore and use forever but wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself.

Crate & Barrel wedding registry cheese boards

Slate Cheese Boards

Simple, sleek and perfect for entertaining, these cheese boards can also be written on (with chalk) so you can label your favorite appetizers, then wiped clean with a wet cloth. They’d be great for a classy but casual evening in with your closest friends and all the cheese.

Cheese knife set from Crate & Barrel wedding registry

Cheese Knife 3-Piece Set

Because what good is an awesome set of cheese boards if you don’t have an equally awesome set of cheese knives to go with it?

Crate & Barrel wedding registry pressure cooker

Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker

I’m pretty sure the pressure cooker is the answer to all of the questions of modern life, especially the ones about fitting relationships, careers and homemade food into a 24-hour day. This one’s a breeze to use and can cook up roasts, stews, veggies and (yes) cheesecake 70% faster than conventional cooking methods. Who needs an oven? Not you. You have a pressure cooker.

Wine glasses from Crate & Barrel

Oregon Wine Glasses

One more evening and entertaining essential. Also, these wine glasses are the perfect size for newlywed Netflix and chill nights. Just saying.

Crate & Barrel wine glasses for a kitchen wedding registry

Joyce Chen 10-Piece Wok Set

Just looking at this wok set is giving me stir fry cravings. It’s gorgeous, which definitely doesn’t hurt, but it’s also engineered for even heating and cooling, which is so helpful and necessary for wok cooking. The accessories (including a cookbook) make it an all-in-one stir fry package.

Donut pan for Crate & Barrel wedding registry

Donut Pan

This is another one of those kitchen essentials I wish I owned at least every other month, but never actually go out and buy for myself. Anyone else in the same boat? In any case, baked donuts from a nonstick donut pan? Yes, please.

KitchenAid stand mixer for Crate & Barrel wedding registry

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Okay, I’ll admit it: I saved the best for last. Because as useful as a hand mixer is, it’s got nothing on this bit of kitchen magic. This stand mixer, much like a food processor, can do everything. Egg whites, bread dough, donut batter…you name it. There’s even an ice cream maker attachment you can add to your list if you’re feeling extra ambitious. Or just really like ice cream.