white rectangle platter with gold block lettering

Somewhere between inhaling gingerbread men and binge-watching Christmas classics comes the sudden need to create.  Granted, real crafters have been laboring over projects since July. But for those of us who like our DIY simple, pretty, and fun, these 10 projects are just about perfect!

Can't get enough of gold decor details? You aren't alone.  I am dying over this "yum" platter (above) and it even comes in a kit you can order to make it a completely stress-free process.  And if you are throwing the New Year's party this year, this sequined banner (below) is an absolute must (plus, it can double as a bar sign for your wedding).

bold gold sequined cheers banner over table
dip dyed blue candlesticks with simple white candles
DIY star trivets made from thin cork

You want to make a few presents this year, but don't want to hand out crafts that look like a kindergarten assignment?  Been there. Here are two easy and awesome gift-worthy DIYs. If you really love color, pick a vibrant hue and dip-dye blocks of light wood to make candlesticks. The overall look is very modern, and is a beautiful gift with a few white candles and box of matches.  Have a grandma that's a total rock star?  Make her a set of cork trivets (above, right) for her morning tea in seasonal stars.

fun bright bow wreath made from shiny wrapping bows

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, we are all looking for ways to personalize our home, but also keep it affordable. This bow wreath (above) is a little kitschy, a little bright, and a whole lot of fun.  And, as a bonus, it finally finds a use for the ridiculous amount of bows you have accrued.

If you can't find the perfect color ornaments, make your own in an ombre palette. Below, this project is in shades of aqua, but it would work in any color (I'm thinking I might try this in shades of gray this year for my very neutral tree).

collection of aqua ball ornaments as easy DIY Christmas project

Parents staying with you for the holidays? Brighten up your guest room with these festive fabric "lampshades" over a string of basic white lights (below). Whether you use Christmas fabric or colors to match your home's decor, these will be an instant hit.

string lights over headboard covered in different fabric lampshades
DIY gold envelope liners with embossed snowflakes

Pep up your invites with a DIY gold envelope liner complete with embossed snowflakes (above). And because every gal should look extra cool when dropping off all of her Christmas cards at the post office, you should also probably make this stamped heart scarf for yourself (below). Because, seriously, it's really cute.

DIY teal scarf stamped with golden hearts
homemade wrapping paper with handwriting

I went completely crazy when I saw this DIY gift wrapping tutorial (above). It's adorable and creative and couldn't be easier!  Simply buy sheets of Kraft paper and resurrect a few pieces of tinsel and burned out Christmas bulbs, and you are good to go.

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