mosaic heart box DIY

Call me sentimental, but there is just something extra sweet about a homemade Valentine's Day gift.  Show the special people in your life just how much you care by making them one of these 10 fun DIY projects.

This mosaic heart box above is so pretty and can be used by your bestie for her jewelry long after the chocolates inside are gone.  The best part? As you have to "re-box" the chocolate to put them into this sparkly container, no one will be the wiser if a coconut chew goes missing.

Got a bunch o' bridesmaids?  Make these adorable personalized bags (below) and then fill them with their favorite candies, bath bombs, or little trinkets.

DIY gift bags for Valentine's Day gifts

Friendship bracelets have a bit of nostalgic magic in them, don't you think?  Recapture the charm of these crafty little gifts by making each of your bridesmaids one in different colors. This heart pattern is perfect for Valentine's Day!

DIY friendship bracelets with heart pattern in sherbet shades
DIY photo strip inside of heart box with chocolates

But your friends aren't the hard ones to please when it comes to Valentine's gifts.  Nope.  It's your sweetie pie. Sure, he says that he'll love anything, but you want to make him really smile.

If he travels a lot, give him some old-fashioned romance on the go with this photo strip. Yes, he has all these pictures on his phone, but there is something so lovely about a tangible print. Top a personalized heart box off with some of his favorite candies.

He's got a corny sense of humor, and you're pretty handy with a sketchbook. Make him his own mini-zine card with cutesy expressions of affection and Wes Anderson-worthy illustrations.  Presented alongside a Valentine's brunch (thank goodness it's on a weekend this year, huh?), this will start the day off with plenty of happy.

DIY mini-zine with romantic, fun illustrations
gold glitter dipped DIY martini glasses

It's pretty much a no-brainer that if you want a surefire great surprise for your man, you may just have to hop in the kitchen.  While they may not be big on stuffed teddy bears or heart-embellished pajamas, few people in this world scoff at the efforts of a delicious meal.  Set the mood with glittering cocktail glasses (above). If you two aren't martini drinkers, you can use the same technique with wine glasses or champagne flutes.

cake roll with red and pink hearts

Make an impressive dessert like this rolled cake decorated with pink dots and red hearts. You can even add a festive cake topper like this fringed tissue paper "LOVE" below.

DIY red fringe love cake topper
DIY chocolate bowl filled with berries and whipped cream

Cake not his thing? These chocolate bowls with berries are so much easier than you'd think, and also store well ahead of time (so you can make them Friday night for a Saturday dinner).  Below, I just had to include these salted caramel pavlovas. Because "I hate salted caramel" has been said by nobody ever.  Seriously delicious.

pavlovas covered in salted caramel sauce

Happy Valentine's Day!

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