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Easy Details

It's easy to transform a basic invite into something more personal with a paintbrush and some watercolors. This aqua wash was applied to a wedding invite, but you can use this same technique on all sorts of paper details.

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DIY colorful block paper backdrop
Photo: Oh Happy Day

Technicolor Backdrop

Ever look at some of those DIY paper backdrops and think, "Yeah, like I'm going to be able to do that?" Well, this one is truly simple enough for anyone to do, provided they have the patience for painting an ombre rainbow on a hundred pieces of paper.

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Personalized Tags

At a bridal shower, everyone wanders around, chatting with friends and nibbling on the refreshments. It's easy to lose track of your drink. These circular tags with watercolor wash fit around the stem of a champagne glass.

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DIY watercolor balloons
Photo: Studio DIY

Inexpensive Details

Whether you are hosting your friend's bridal shower or looking for a way to keep your reception costs down, impactful decor is the way to go. Statement pieces like these watercolor balloons are crazy affordable, but still fill a table with color.

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Personalized Napkins

For your bridal party luncheon, purchase some basic cotton napkins and create different watercolored effects for each bridesmaid. When you set the table, place the napkins so they can be easily seen, and add to your tablescape decor.

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DIY watercolor shoes
Photo: Darby Smart

Party Shoes

There are so many different pre-wedding events, that a bride needs a comfy pair of shoes if her feet are going to make it to the wedding! These bright watercolor shoes are a lot of fun and very celebratory.

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frosted watercolor cake
Photo: Sugar & Cloth

Painted Cake

Forget trying to make a cake with frosting to piped perfection. Break out some culinary paintbrushes and create a paint palette effect courtesy of muted food coloring.

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Perfect Props

Perhaps you need a new mug to "subtly" show off your new ring, or maybe you are searching for an engaging DIY project for everyone to participate in at the bridal shower. Either way, these cool marbled watercolor mugs are easy to accomplish.

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DIY watercolor pumpkins with bright colors
Photo: Lines Across

Seasonal Accents

Orange not in your color scheme? Paint pumpkins with several coats of white paint (or use faux ones) and then go to town with watercolors in your palette.

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DIY watercolor thank you cards
Photo: Design Sponge

Dutiful & Beautiful

You've got to write thank you cards. You just do. But they don't have to be boring. These delightful DIY watercolor cards can be made in an afternoon.