name tag inspired place card

The cute name tag stamped cards above are super-duper easy. As in the kind of easy where you could probably finish them in less than a couple of hours.  You can use different inks or the same color. Either way, this clever idea is perfect for a modern wedding with a slight sense of humor.

Want your place cards with a dash o' whimsy?  These playful place cards/napkin rings below would be great at a schoolhouse-themed wedding (especially with that font!) or to adorn a kids' table.

candy necklace napkin ring with name tag at wedding

Another cute and colorful idea is to use a tiny balloon attached to a long bamboo stick. You can then insert the place card into a cookie, cupcake, planter, or piece of fruit at each place setting.

fun balloon place card holder for party
cocktail umbrella place cards

Hosting a tropical fete?  We love these cute escort cards (above, right) all laid out on a bright table. These cocktail umbrellas are really affordable, and you can find them at most stores in their mixer section. Print off the cards in a font you like and you are good to go!

Honeycomb-style details have been all the rage in paper crafts this year. Turn them into colorful place cards by attaching them to a paint chip-inspired card with a matching watercolor swipe along the bottom.  For ease, use colors instead of table numbers, separating each table by hue.

honeycomb and paint chip inspired place cards

Holiday wedding?  These easy tree cards (below) remind us of the "pink aluminum Christmas trees" mentioned by Charlie Brown.

pop up Christmas tree place cards in retro color palette

If you live near the woods, you probably have an abundance of twigs right outside your door. Use what you have around you with these cute rustic place card holders (below). Tie together with twine and slip an elegantly-written card inside.  You can use the same idea with driftwood for a beach wedding.

DIY rustic wedding place cards

One of the most popular bridal shower themes involves stocking the new couple's kitchen. Give a nod to the theme with these hand-painted coffee filter place cards. Cute and easy on the budget?  We have a winner!

DIY coffee filter place cards for bridal shower

Many weddings in 2015 incorporated some sparkle into their palette, and we don't see that trend going anywhere soon. These glittery clothespins are quick to create (albeit messy) and dazzling on a champagne glass!

DIY glitter clothespins for wedding place cards
DIY printable place cards with cutout for herbs or flowers

These place cards above look way more complicated than they are. Print them out, clip around the arrow, and slide in a herbal sprig.  That's it!

Got another day?  Try one of these simple projects!

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