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DIY M&Ms Wedding Centerpiece
Photo: BridalGuide

Easy Edible Arrangements

Bring some eye candy to the table by filling fishbowls or glass vases with personalized candies in your wedding colors. Add in your wedding flowers and you've got a DIY decoration that requires little assembly! A budget-saving extra: give each guest a cute burlap bag to fill with the candy as favors. DIY level: Basic. There's no DIY experience required for this centerpiece.

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Sea Glass Lanterns

These aren't your average beach wedding centerpieces! Glue some sea glass, seashells or vase filler to a mason jar, then tie it off with twine. If you're planning a large wedding in a shorter amount of time, this probably isn't the best idea for centerpieces as each of these takes awhile to assemble.DIY level: Medium. If you've crafted a time or two, don't be afraid to try to your hand at this idea.

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DIY Glitter Woodcut Centerpieces
Photo: Darby Smart

Sparkling Woodcut Decor

This is one of those DIY wedding ideas that works well with just about any wedding theme. While the tutorial is technically for coasters (which would make an awesome rustic wedding favor), we've decided to apply it to some table decor. How neat would those candy fishbowl arrangements look on top of these?DIY level: Basic. However, glitter is not a quick clean up, so choose your workplace carefully!

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DIY Disney Inspired Centerpiece

Disney Inspired Centerpieces

Disney loving brides, take note of this Cinderella-inspired pumpkin centerpiece. We'll warn you again, glitter is not easy to clean after crafting! But don't let that stop you from grabbing the Mod Podge and as much sparkle as your heart desires.DIY level: Medium. If you want those pumpkins to look similar to the one in the picture, you'll need to apply several coats.

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DIY Rose Gold Wine Bottle Vases

Rose Gold Wine Bottles

Once the rosé is gone, don't be quick to rid of those bottles until you've seen this idea. Start by soaking some empty wine bottles until the labels come off. After they're clean and dry, spray paint each bottle with at least two coats of metallic paint. You can also coat one in glitter for a neat accent piece.DIY level: Basic. The spray paint is a smooth and quick application, but set aside some extra time if you choose the glitter option.

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Sparkling Baby's Breath

We're all about simple DIY wedding ideas that make a huge statement and this baby's breath is no exception. Whether you want to add a little sparkle to plain glass vases or those metallic wine bottles, break out the metallic spray paint and coat some florals for a golden addition to your tablescape.DIY level: Basic. Who doesn't love a project that requires only two materials?

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Rustic Wine Cork Vases

With dollar store vases and a passion for wine, you can create some unique rustic details with this project. Using cube shaped glass vases and LOTS of wine corks you can make these vases to use as centerpieces for your wedding and holiday occasions. DIY level: Pro. The time varies depending on the sizes and number of vases you choose to use. This tutorial also says slicing the corks is optional, so make sure you have the right tools and be safe!

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DIY Sand Art Terrarium
Photo: Honestly WTF

Sand Art Terrarium

Eco-friendly brides can cultivate their green thumb with this adorable centerpiece. With the right amount of sunlight, water and a little TLC, watch this DIY terrarium grow before your eyes.DIY level: Medium. It's fairly simple to assemble, but we don't recommend this tutorial if you're looking for a quick DIY as these sprouts take time to develop.

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Beach, Please

If you don't have the time to make those ocean-inspired mason jars, this mini beach is an easier centerpiece to assemble. Head to your local craft store for some wood boxes (or make your own as seen in this tutorial ) and fill them with sand and shells. Throw in some glass vases full of water and floating tea lights or candles. This is also an easy idea to incorporate your table numbers.DIY level: Basic. You can pick up just about everything you need from the craft store or even a dollar store. No glue guns necessary.

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Faux Dahlias

If you're new to DIY, this project looks more daunting that it seems. The plus side, however, is it's fairly inexpensive to make. The next time you're on a walk, pick up some pinecones on the ground rather than going out of your way to buy some. After that, paint them in your wedding colors and arrange them in a small basket using floral wire. The full tutorial provides details on assembly (and tips to give them the appearance of mums instead).DIY level: Medium. If you haven't DIYed, this is a detailed but manageable task.

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DIY Plaster Flower Votives
Photo: Design Mom

Flower Votives

These fluffy floral decorations can add a lot of texture to any rustic tablescape. Prep some faux flowers and get ready to get messy by dipping them in plaster. The end result is a dainty addition that would look especially pretty on a lace table runner.DIY level: Medium. It could take a few tries to get the texture just right depending on the flowers you choose.

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DIY Globe Centerpiece
Photo: A Joyful Riot

Destination Decor

We love how versatile this DIY project is for any wedding decoration! You can paint a globe however you'd like and pair it with decor to match your theme. This tutorial places it with books and potted cacti, which would make an awesome boho wedding centerpiece for your sweethearts' table or for your welcome table.DIY level: Any level. It really just depends on your painting skills. Spray painting the globe could create a neat monochromatic effect if you want to keep it simple. If you're an artsy bride, this is a great way to show off your creative side.

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DIY Fiesta Mosaic Centerpiece
Photo: Crazy For Us

Fiesta Mosaic

If you're planning a Cinco de Mayo soiree, here's a unique way to decorate one of the most festive symbols. You'll need a plastic skull, silver spray paint and colorful craft tiles. Add in some colorful flowers like this tutorial for a super festive wedding centerpiece.DIY level: Basic. Make sure you use adhesive tiles rather than gluing each individually.