hand painted wedding ceremony backdrop on a tall canvas

A backdrop for your wedding ceremony is sort of like putting the perfect frame around the picture of the two of you. It gives definition to the space, incorporates your theme, and livens up the event! Here are 15 pretty spectacular backdrops for your indoor or outdoor celebration. Some of them are even DIY!

Above, this hand-painted canvas really couldn't be more chic. Perfect at a historical venue, you can hire a local artist to paint you a border, or employ a talented friend.

For the DIY mavens, this paper flower wall (below) is calling your names! Yes, it's going to take awhile to create, but when it is done it will be marvelous.  You can use bright colors for a playful, modern event, or go monochromatic white for a stately and sophisticated edge.  Use different weights of paper to give you additional texture to your flower wall.

DIY white paper flower backdrop for wedding ceremony

If that wall was a bit daunting for DIY novices, we get it. It's quite the undertaking. Have all the fun without the big commitment with these easier DIY paper backdrops. At left, this aqua disc "curtain" is created with an extra large paper punch, card stock, and twine. This is a great option for a small space that needs just a little color to highlight your "altar" area.  At right, these honeycomb tissue paper globes are affixed to the wall to create a 3D backdrop against a large white wall.  This particular backdrop was used for a holiday wedding, but this would work year-round for a bride that wants an abundance of good old-fashioned whimsy at her affair.

DIY wedding backdrop made from aqua colored paper discs
bright DIY wedding ceremony backdrop using honeycomb globes glued to wall

Does your wedding have a definite theme? If so, make sure your backdrop gives a nod to it. This couple below hosted a music-themed event, and so the vinyl record backdrop was a no-brainer for their modern industrial venue.  Its simple design fit in with their otherwise understated decor.

modern wedding ceremony backdrop with vinyl records affixed to wall

Balloon backdrops are often a lot of work, but this example below is super simple to set up and take away at the end of the night. The couple cut the balloons (in a variety of cheery colors) to different lengths and tied weights so they would rest on the floor. This project immediately perked up the concrete floor and brick walls, transforming their venue in a cost-effective way.

colorful DIY balloon backdrop at fun and modern wedding ceremony

We love banners and bunting, and it is so easy to use these to create a personalized ceremony backdrop. Use a large paper scroll to create a curtain of text, like something out of a fairy tale storybook. Find a calligrapher or friend with terrific handwriting skills to write out love quotes, your vows, or a section from your favorite love story.

Trying to brighten up a rustic venue? Convert a fireplace into a fun backdrop with a sparkling message banner and a swath of flowers (below).

DIY wedding ceremony backdrop with vows written on giant paper scroll
DIY backdrop over brick fireplace with flowers and sparkly banner

fringe backdrop hanging from tree branch for forest wedding ceremony

It's not just indoor weddings that benefit from backdrops. Outdoor ceremonies also shine with the help of these projects. In fact, a backdrop often helps focus in, despite all the open space. It can transform a field or forest grove into your wedding venue, which is no easy feat.  Above, tree branches prove handy when hanging this curtain of metallic fringe for a rustic-chic event.

You can also create your own shabby chic arch (below) with the help of your handyman dad (or if you are the one with all the power tools in the family, just let him assist). Have him build a simple arch structure and then paint it white or blush.  Find a vintage chandelier with plenty of crystals for the light to shine through. Finish with a sheer curtain along the back, and gather with lace ribbons.

DIY vintage wedding arch with drapes and shabby chic chandelier

Instead of tissue paper flowers, pick a material that is a tad more sturdy in case it gets breezy or starts to sprinkle. These crocheted lace doilies (below) are perfect for a sweet boho wedding, and extra nostalgia points if they happen to have been crafted by your grandma!

DIY shabby chic wedding backdrop with large lace doilies hung from tree branch
DIY outdoor ceremony arch with branches and flowers
wooden pallet ceremony backdrop with flowers, ferns, and greenery woven in

When it comes to outdoor ceremony backdrops, the best usually incorporates your surroundings. Weave branches and flowers together for a Southwestern event (above, left), or use palettes and ferns to fit in with a rooftop garden (above, right).  And you don't necessarily have to create your own backdrop. Survey the grounds of your venue critically, and find a space that you want as your ceremony background (below). Most venues can be flexible, even if it's not where couples typically choose to exchange vows.

large garden wedding backdrop with succulents and greenery

Love all the lush greenery but need to have a rainy weather backup?  Use a hearty plant, like the eucalyptus leaves below, to create a swath of greenery. Hang it from an arch outside or affix to a wall if it rains.

arch made of eucalyptus leaves hung on wall as wedding ceremony backdrop

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